Although the Zupapa 15ft trampoline giveaway was ended for several days, when you view these comments and shares again, you can feel the love from everyone who entered the giveaway is so strong and deep to kids.

Why would they like to enter? The most important reason was they would like to get the chance to make kids happy. Actually, the kids not only were their own children but their nephews, nieces, grandchildren or friends’ kids. They believe that the 15ft trampoline giveaway can bring special and more fun to kids. No kid can refuse the fun the 15ft trampoline brings, they would love it so much!

Let’s have a look at what they said. Best wishes to their kids from moms, a few of them were dads.

zupapa 15ft trampoline giveaway comments from moms

As we have mentioned, many grandparents also wanted to win for their grandchildren, aunts want to have a special gift to their nephews and nieces. A few of them considered giving the trampoline to friend’s kids.

zupapa 15ft trampoline giveaway comments from grandparents and aunts

With the giveaway spread so fast and more and more parents joined it, we found a very interesting thing was most of the entries were from moms, aunts, or grandmas. Could someone give us the answer? Whatever how it happened, no matter did they enter to win for whom, their love is so strong.

There were several parents impressed us so much. They shared their wishes, stories and even their difficulties they had to confront with in daily life. They trusted Zupapa, trusted us, how honored were us to deserve this!

To some extent, we were apt to give the trampoline to them but we had to follow the rules and kept the giveaway fair to everyone. Besides, we just had one trampoline, how could we give away to all of them? Although we can imagine how their family would be happy if they won the trampoline!

Winning the 15ft trampoline giveaway may be more important for them than other families. That’s the reason why we want to say SORRY to them, we can do nothing but pray for them. No health problems, more family income, good family relationship. Hope the pray can work for them.

Anyway, the Zupapa 15ft trampoline giveaway gave us a great chance to know more about parents, grandparents, and children. Every kid deserves a Zupapa trampoline and we are working on it.

We’d like to create more activities for our kids, if our gifts can bring the happiness and luckiness to your families, it’s our honor to do so.