6 steps to clean your trampoline

Does a trampoline need cleaning usually? Obviously, the answer is "Yes". Trampoline is an outdoor equipment which is easy to collect some dirty stuff. Cleaning your trampoline at least once a month helps upgrade your jumping experience.

Things you'll prepare

In order to thoroughly clean your trampoline, the following things should be prepared in advance.

Water hose
Scrub brush

Step1: Sweep dirt

Sweep away any surface dirt on the trampoline mat, pad and springs, such as twigs, leaves or any other natural debris, even bird droppings, using a push broom or a straw broom. If there is snow left on the mat, try to use a shovel, but cleaning a trampoline mat in winter is not a smart idea.
Note: Don't use rakes, spades, or other sharp gardening tools to sweep debris, that will easily cause damage.
zupapa trampoline mat and 

Step6: Inspect The trampoline

Once the trampoline is dry, check the surface and any parts to assure there's no damage caused during the cleaning process. When it has passed the final inspection, your kids are safe to enjoy the funny jumping time again!