Don't Play with A Trampoline if You Missed These Things!

don't play with a trampoline if you missed these things
For parents, the most concerned thing about trampoline is whether it is safe for kids. Of course, trampolining is a quite special sport you should learn more before you or your kids have fun with it.

Now please pay attention to these important points Zupapa mentioned below:


Please ensure that no hazardous objects are near the trampoline

zupapa trampoline on the lawn
Enough space for trampoline can help your kids get away from injuries such as tree parts, other recreational objects (i.e. swing sets, swimming pools), electrical power wiring, walls, fences, etc.

Put the trampoline on a level surface

On level ground, your kids could get the most power bounce from it. More important thing is the level ground provides a good balance to both trampoline an.d kids. A good balance is the basis of safety playing.

Stick the lawn stake in the ground to fix the trampoline firmly

The lawn stake not only makes sure the trampoline fix on the ground firmly when kids play on it but protect your trampoline from "fleeing" in bad weather such as storming.


zupapa assembly superman is assembling the trampoline

Follow your manual guide to make every accessory be assembled orderly

Please read the assembly instructions before beginning to assemble the product. The results of excessive confidence are spare accessories, wasting of time, and what is worse, the venture to be injured.

Use gloves to protect your hands and watch out the springs.

The frame of a trampoline is heavy for normal people. Having a pair of gloves can protect your hands from injuring. When you try to put the jumping mat and the trampoline frame together, the springs are essential, their hooks are easy to hurt your hands. Meanwhile, keep springs dry as wet springs are very slippery.


kids need supervisor when they are jumping on a trampoline

All jumpers need to be supervised when using the trampoline

When your kids plan to have fun with trampoline, you need to make sure there is someone else ( better to be an adult ) will supervise them, regardless of your kids' skill level or age. If the parents are just around them and take care of them, that should be a warm and sweet memory of their childhood.

Keep the jumping mat is clean and has no object on it

Remove all objects (inc ornaments, basketball, pets, toys, etc. ) from your kids before using the trampoline. All these objects may injure your kids when they jumping on it for the progress of bounce.Be aware of what is overhead, underneath, and around the trampoline.
only one user at one time on the zupapa trampoline

Only one user at a time.

No matter what size of trampolines you have, only one of your kids is allowed to bounce on it just for their safety. When more than one kids jump on the trampoline, it's so easy to collide with each other and get hurt.

Jump on the center of the mat

In this way, it will reduce the risk of getting injured by landing on the frame or springs. Always keep the frame padding covering the frame of the trampoline to protect your kids.

Do not perform somersaults of any type

Although somersaults are more exciting than simple ones like seat jump, If your kids make a mistake when trying to perform a somersault, the kids could land on their heads or necks, which may result in death or paralysis.

Watch the conditions both of body and weather

Eating or drinking too much, taking medicines, is not a good time to use a trampoline. When it's raining, the mat of the trampoline is wet, the jumper could slip and injure him or herself. If it is too windy, jumpers could lose control.


Use the rain cover to prolong your trampoline

Don't forget to inspect the trampoline before each use

A trampoline in poor condition will increase your kids' risk of getting injured. If bent steel tubes, torn mat, loose or broken springs, and overall stability of the trampoline happens, you should not allow your kids to play until replacing them.