Last month, we had a giveaway on Zupapa Facebook Page below to ask parents
what was the favourite thing kids liked to do with them?
More than 80% chose "Have Fun Outdoors".

This month, we decided to upgrade our giveaway as the answer
parents chose and holidays are coming soon.
This time, we give away Zupapa 2019 Upgraded Saffun Trampolines!
No purchase required.

. From October 1st to December 31th, we will have 3 trampoline giveaways and 3 winners!
3 trampoline giveaways will be separately published on the first day of each month.
On October, the giveaway is a 12ft Saffun trampoline.

. Every person doesn't have limit to enter the 3 giveaways unless you've been a winner.

As you've interested in Zupapa, why not learn more about me? It's free and easy to enter.