What should we do to protect our trampolines when the bad weather comes in summer

A backyard trampoline is not only about children’s toy but about a place where the whole family is able to have fun together. It’s awesome to enjoy your family time. As the summer has come and the kids have much more time to stay at home, Zupapa trampoline can give them a strong reason to get rid of the electronic devices, go outdoors and do some exercises. Meanwhile, to improve their social skills.

Why should we protect it from bad weather in summer?

Despite these pros, we’d have one more thing to think over. Summer is the one of the best time to have a blast on your trampoline, but the weather will trick on you sometimes.

Windy areas' families needs to pay more attention to bad weather issue

How should we protect our backyard trampoline in the summertime? Although it’s not snowy or freezing, the bad weathers, like rainstorm, hurricane or tornado, happen occasionally or frequently in some areas. If your home is in Texas, California, Iowa, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas or other windy areas, you need to pay more attention about this issue.

As we all know, the backyard trampoline is big and heavy. If the weather was too bad, the trampoline is very likely to be moveable and damage the fences, woods, house or other items in your backyard or your neighbors, some parts of itself would also be damaged. In this kind of cases, the trampoline company has the right to refuse to replace the parts for free, even the trampoline are still under the warranty.

Actually, that is not so serious. The worst thing is someone may be injured by the jumping-around trampoline. To avoid the unfortunate accidents coming up with the bad weather, it’s essential to follow these simple tips.

What should I do in bad weather?

Follow the tips before the bad weather has come. Your safety is the most important thing. Do not allow your kids or other family members, your neighbors to close or even jump on it when the weather is bad.

To disassemble your trampoline and put them in a dry place neatly is the best way to take precautions to against the bad weathers and protect your properties.

Lawn stakes are very essential to against the bad weather

  • Please make sure you’ve used the special designed U-shaped lawn stakes to keep the trampoline stable and unmovable. And they're free if you had bought a Zupapa trampoline unit. This step is not complicated but very vital to against the bad weather.
  • Remember to check each time the lawn stakes whether stick strongly to the trampoline base legs or not after your family has jumped on it.
  • Care about the weather forecast and then you know whether you need to do further steps mentioned below.

In these cases, you'd better set off your trampoline

  • If the wind force scale rising up to 6~7, the large branches of the trees are in motion and you can hear the whistling in earphone or umbrella used with difficulty. In these cases, you’d better disassemble the trampoline’s long poles and make the net down. Besides, check the lawn stakes again. Put the poles and net neatly in a dry place.

The waves have white and big sprays

  • When the twigs break off trees and you hardly can move against the wind, you should disassemble the whole trampoline including the frame. Fold the net, mat, and pad, then put all accessories together neatly in a dry place.
  • In many cases, the high wind accompanies with rain frequently. While you decide to disassemble the net and long poles, you are strongly recommended to use the rain cover to protect the mat, pad, springs and the frame.