Why did Zupapa trampoline make this survey?

zupapa trampoline survey

Although more than 120,000 people are having fun with Zupapa trampoline we haven’t known ourselves enough yet. For instance, we want to figure out why our customers would like to choose us. The high-quality products, more accessories or outstanding customer service may be some of the reasons attracting our customers but we are not sure. We cannot evaluate ourselves by our own imagining.  


Therefore, the survey comes up with several questions ( no more than 10 ) like the mentioned one. This is the first time for Zupapa trampoline try to invite you, no matter have you purchased our products or not, to do the survey and help us to figure out some questions about ourselves.


What can you get from the survey?

zupapa trampoline worth your trust

First, all participants who complete the survey can get 10% OFF Coupon and a chance to win an additional $30 Amazon gift card. Total 3 winners will be picked up on May 15, 2018. Second, you can tell us your honest attitude to Zupapa trampoline. The survey just shows us the percentage data without showing who did it. The survey is anonymous. Third, in the last open question, you can share your advice or ideas with us, we value that.


What can we learn from you?

Have fun with zupapa

We are honored to be one of the participants in the outdoor industry, sharing a healthier and happier lifestyle to more and more families. We can see their smiles, laughs and shout on our trampoline. Every time when customers tell us their whole family is enjoying the trampoline, that’s the most wonderful time we have.


Is that enough? Absolutely not. Zupapa is not just a regular trampoline seller, we have the passion for making the whole family more healthier and happier, our products would be a symbol of happy family time. That’s so exciting to be so! To make it comes true soon, we have many questions to ask you ( both customers and consumers).


If you were our customer, why would you like to choose Zupapa, as you have had many other choices? Would you like to recommend us to your friends? If you had heard of Zupapa before but haven’t yet chosen Zupapa, how do you think of it? Where did you first know it? If you haven’t heard of Zupapa before, well, that means we have a lot of work need to do in the future.


From the data we can also know how many of you are satisfied or unsatisfied with us, which points can match your opinions or not, which channels we should do more work on it, providing you more convenience to contact us or know more about us.


In the end, I would like to post the survey link again, hope you who haven’t done the survey can click it and complete it only taking less than 3 minutes. Please click here: Zupapa Trampoline Survey