zupapa trampoline giveaway, you share zupapa pays, only for customers

Zupapa trampoline giveaway comes back! This time we genuinely and eagerly invite our customers, you, to share your family time on the trampoline with zupapa. We really love your family’s big smiles and the background of the beautiful blue sky! After that, we will give away 15% off trampoline parts & accessories coupon code and mini-drone or Amazon gift card worth $30.

Why do we want to do this?

zupapa trampoline giveaway, you share zupapa pays, only for customers

For several years, Zupapa has become one of the best outdoor trampolines with enclosure net, bringing much more family fun time for our customers. Within the backyard, family members can have fun together using a healthier way.

As more than 120,000 families have purchased our trampoline products, supporting Zupapa to go further and be stronger, we always want to be accessible to our customers, to you, to know what has the trampoline brought to your families.

Did your kids love Zupapa trampoline? Are you satisfied with our product and service? Did the trampoline bring you more family fun time? Have you ever taken some photos or videos of your family time on or around the trampoline? Would you like to share them with Zupapa and more families? Would you like the gifts we prepare this time?

Through this activity, hope you can treat us like a friend and feel free to share your fun time with us. Actually, we have more interesting activities in the future waiting for you to join and have fun! The only thing we can promise is they won’t be boring but interesting.


 You share, Zupapa pays

As this activity is only for our verified customers who have bought Zupapa trampoline combo before, you won’t have the plan to buy another trampoline at this point, so we’ve prepared the 15% off coupon for all zupapa trampoline parts and accessories.

Meanwhile, you will get a $30’s worth of mini-drone or Amazon gift card if your photos or videos are satisfied with our demand, such as the blue sky must be the background, we can see your big smiles, wearing bright-colored clothes, etc. We call them 3B rules. You can know the details in our video. In addition, you need to authorize Zupapa the right for commercial use.

Let’s imagine, next time your photos or videos may be shown in Zupapa’s social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube... Of course, we will contact you before that. It would be a very special experience for your family.

How to join us?

Very simple. Log in your Facebook account and upload the photos or videos you were having fun on Zupapa trampoline and don’t forget to @zupapadotus. After that, please message us on Facebook to remind Zupapa of the gifts.

Before that, we recommend you to view our page about this activity, there are all the details you want to know about it. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us via offical@zupapa.us or Facebook.