7' x 7' Baseball Practice Net-Green

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  • Zupapa 7' x 7' baseball net perfect for any beginner, amateur, pro player for batting practice, pitching, fielding, catching, and backstop use. Sock Net helps you picking up the balls much easier, no more chasing around to waste the valuable practice time.
  • Work on pitch/batting accuracy, the upgraded vivid-color strike zone provides you with a target that you can use to improve your pitching accuracy. TEAM COLORS NET - Coordinate your net with your team colors!
  • Sock net of this baseball net and tee built in to catch and hold balls during training session. With our super strong 7-ply knotless baseball & softball net, you can spend less time chasing balls and more time improving your skills! The increased frame thickness adds rigidity and weight for greater stability when batting and pitching into the net, also Can be used for as a portable backstop.
  • Our softball net assemble quickly and can be packed in a carrying case for easy transportation and storage, weighing 13 lbs, easy long-term storage and portability in any vehicle.
  • Warranty – The baseball net for batting backed with 1 year manufacturer's warranty for buying with confidence.baseball softball net for kids adults
  • Looking for a net that is big enough to ensure that your teenager doesn't cost your another neighbour's window while she/he's in practicing her/his hitting drills in your backyard?

    Zupapa Baseball/Softball Net Training Combo are easy to assemble and take down, set it up in backyard for practice at home.

    Sock Net helps you picking up the balls much easier, no more chasing around to waste the valuable practice time.

    Keeps yourself conditioned during off season.

    Practicing with it in basement daily during the rainy day.

    Practicing with it in garage daily during the cold weather.

    You will love to see how thrilled your child will be with how much he/she improved

    The net and tee are both sturdy, also strong enough for teenagers and adults.

    Fit for any Beginner, Amateur, Pro Player.

    Zupapa baseball net with tee will be the best investments for your kids' sports


    zupapa baseball net with strike zone

    Upgraded Vivid Yellow Target Zone

    The upgraded adjusted target zone will help you train to have complete control over the strike/pitching. Just attach it on the net and improve your accuracy and form.

    zupapa baseball net with strike zone


    softball net with target zone


    zupapa baseball net with balls


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