Zupapa Bag of 12 Baseballs Standard Size

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Zupapa Bag of 12 Baseballs Standard Size Soft Cushioned Safety T Balls Unmarked Leather Covered Training Ball

  • Features traditional red stitching seams, Easy to grip due to the synthetic leather cover
  • Reduced impact training balls provide an authentic baseball look with soft, cushioned construction, helps youth players build confidence by reducing fear about impact
  • Same size and visual cues as standard baseballs for effective training, Standard baseball circumference of 9 inches
  • Totally blank for autographs that stand out against the white background. Multi-use baseball for Recreational Play, Practice, Games, Gifts, Keepsakes, Arts and Crafts and Trophies.
  • Easy to transport, come in a reusable convenient mesh bag with drawstring.