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Small Trampoline for Kids


About Zupapa Trampoline

Zupapa trampoline has a sales history of more than ten years and has brought high-quality trampolines to millions of families. There are not only outdoor trampolines and indoor trampolines suitable for kids. There is also a fitness trampoline specially prepared for adults. The vision of Zupapa Trampoline is not just for people to get healthy and happy by jumping. It also wants to help family members play together, enjoy more family time and increase the bond between each other.

Reasons for Choosing Zupapa Trampoline

High-Quality. Zupapa has always focused on selling high-quality trampolines. And high-quality means more safety. Zupapa strives to continuously improve in order to bring safer trampolines to customers. Every trampoline upgrade is well thought out and combines safety and customer needs. And the result is gratifying. Whether it is Zupapa outdoor trampoline, indoor kid trampoline or exercise trampoline, they have all been well received by customers.

Multiple-Choice. Zupapa not only has outdoor and indoor trampolines suitable for children, but also indoor fitness trampolines suitable for adults. Zupapa outdoor trampolines include Saffun series of external trampolines and Safum series of internal trampolines. They are available in 5 sizes, from 8 feet to 15 feet trampolines. We also have a mini trampoline specially for toddlers.

Excellent After-Sales Service. The after-sales service of Zupapa trampoline has always been praised. No matter if you have any questions about trampolines, you can contact us at any time and we will reply as soon as possible.

Which Size Trampoline to Choose?

Still don't know which size trampoline to choose to fit your backyard and family size? A 15 FT Trampoline is a worry-free choice. If your backyard is relatively small, you can pick from 8 FT Trampoline and 10 FT Trampoline. If you have more than 2 kids in your family, select a trampoline from 14 FT, 15 FT and 16 FT.

8 Foot VS. 10 Foot Trampoline: A 8 FT Trampoline is the most popular choice for tiny backyard owners. A 10 FT Trampoline is a better choice for a family with more than one kid. 

10 Foot VS. 12 Foot Trampoline: Both 10 FT Trampoline and 12 FT Trampoline are excellent choices for families with less than 2 kids, while a 12 FT Trampoline is believed to be a wiser choice. Your kids are going and there may be more kids added to your family!

12 Foot VS. 14 Foot Trampoline: 12 FT, 14 FT and 15 FT Trampolines, especially the 15 FT Trampolines, are the most worry-free choices, which perfectly matching the need of almost every family! If your backyard allows, buy a 15 FT Trampoline! If you have more plans or alternatives in your backyard, pick from 12 FT and 14 FT Trampolines. A 12 FT Trampoline is recommended for families with 2~3 kids, and a 14 FT Trampoline is recommended for families with 5 kids or so.