Take Zupapa Home, Take Safety to Your Family


Zupapa is a leading trampoline supplier that sells top quality trampolines.
For years, we carry on A customer-satisfaction policy. So far, more than 120,000 customers are using Zupapa trampoline, good reviews over and over again.



Our goal is that our trampoline can be a necessary companion in our customers family, giving all family members happiness, daily fitness, and priceless family time. Zupapa trampoline wants to help family members stay closer together.


To reach our goal, we are doubling efforts to upgrade our products and customer service, committed to widening access to as many families as possible, right in their backyards, offering a good value they can afford to enjoy.



Safety is always our top concern. All Zupapa Trampolines and accessories are TUV certified,which is A German business that provides inspection and production certification services. Each piece is quality tested for durability and safety to protect all the jumpers from getting hurt. We have been striving for helping more kids and adults create long-lasting bounce time!



Currently, various interesting electronic games have become more addictive than ever, that drives more and more kids, even adults playing indoors without any regular exercise. We want to change this and bring youth to you. Zupapa always focuses on “Happy Exercise, Healthy Life”, just as our logo design ”ZUPAPA” conveys.

 Zupapa aims at making the best outdoor equipment, creating a more convenient and safer way to help more kids, adults, and families enjoy a healthier and happier life together.

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