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We’re halfway through 2021. The past 2020 seemed to be a dream. Can you still recall the item that made you relaxed, both physically and mentally in the past trying year?

For me, it was my cute cat that comforted me most. It’s the time playing with her after my daily work that saved my life, making me always think of hopes in the coming days. 

As a team member of Zupapa, I also received feedback from our customers telling one of our outdoor trampolines standing in the backyard is the greatest comfort for her family – being the mother working from home, the most relaxed moment for the customer, Sally, was to look her sweetie to bounce upon the trampoline.

enjoy jumping and bouncing on Zupapa Trampoline

This story impressed our team. We’d like to hear from you about similar heartwarming stories and pass them on to more people. That’s how this campaign came out: 

From July 1 to July 15, share your story ABOUT THE ITEM THAT SAVED YOUR LIFE IN 2020 with a picture (video), we will give out $600. All in CASH. 

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As stated, we’d like to pass your heartwarming story to reach more people. As a result, we may use your picture (or video) on our Blog after the campaign ends. Of course, we’ll let you know by mentioning your social account.

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