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Welcome to Zupapa!

zupapa trampoline giveaway you share zupapa pays

Please don't miss the video. ↑↑↑ (Important)

zupapa trampoline giveaway you share zupapa pays

Share your family time with Zupapa

STEP1 : Follow the rules the video shows above. Any one of your family members are welcome

to be a role in your camera lens.

STEP2 : Like Zupapa Trampoline page.

STEP3 : More than 4 photos/ the video is more than 1 minute.

We also recommend

1.Only one jumper at one time

2.No any hard items on the trampoline

3.No dangerous postures

•15% OFF coupon for all trampoline parts/ accessories.

•A $30 worth mini drone or Amazon gift card will be given to you if your photos/ videos follow the rules

and authorize Zupapa the right for commercial use with no time limit.

The activity is open to verified customers only. The "verified" customer should meet the

following criteria:

•Please provide the valid order# before we giveaway the $30 gift to you.

•Purchase Zupapa trampolines from Jan 1st, 2018 to Oct 31st, 2019.

•Purchased at least one Zupapa trampoline unit, not only accessories or parts.