10 ft trampoline

Why is A 10 FT Trampoline the Best for Small Backyards Family?

Trampoline has always been a popular entertainment set-up, both adults and children love to bounce on it. But for families with small-sized backyards it is important to choose the right size trampoline. We recommend a 10ft trampoline and here are some reasons why.
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Trampolines offer a fun and active way for kids to play, for families to spend time together or even to work out. It is also growing in popularity as a family entertainment item. Of course, it also comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ft to 16ft, with indoor trampolines being smaller. Generally speaking, 12ft and 14ft trampolines are the most popular choices. But these two sizes of trampolines will need medium to large backyards to be placed.

For families with smaller backyards, finding the right trampoline for the limited space can be a challenge. For smaller backyards, a 10ft trampoline would be the answer to the problem. A more compact size is a space-saving solution. If you have questions about the 10ft trampoline, please continue reading the following information and suggestions.

zupapa trampoline in the yard

(The zupapa trampoline in the backyard) 

Why a small backyard still needs a trampoline?

  1. Trampoline exercise is better than other physical exercises such as jogging and aerobics. It can burn off excess fat in a very short period.
  1. Trampoline exercise can strengthen the bones, muscles, and cells of children. Make them more healthy.
  1. It allows you to exercise with the children. Or just lying on it and reading a book, is a good place for families to share time.
  1. Trampoline exercise helps to reduce stress. This will help you become relaxed and reduce signs of stress and depression.
  1. Moreover, for children who spend a lot of time indoors facing electronic devices, this also allows them to come outside to play.

Frequently asked questions about the 10ft trampoline

Is a 10ft trampoline big enough?

10ft trampoline diameter is 10ft which is about 3 meters. The height is 8.2ft, and the height from the bottom to the trampoline is 2.5ft. The diameter of the mat is 8.8ft. The 10ft trampoline has a surface area of 79 square feet, enough to accommodate two children. But for a small-size trampoline, it is best to have only one person bouncing on it to avoid collision while playing.

Size 10 ft
Mat Diameter 8.8 ft
Frame Height 2.5 ft
Net Height 6 ft
Product Weight 112 lbs

Can adults jump on a 10ft trampoline?

Zupapa offers a 10ft trampoline with a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs. So yes, adults can also enjoy the fun on the trampoline.

What age is a 10ft trampoline for?

There is no strict age limit for trampolining. However, our recommended age range for using a 10ft trampoline is 5 to 16 years old.

Will a 10ft trampoline fit in a car?

The 10ft trampoline package size is 120 "L x 120 "W x 102 "H and has 2 boxes. As long as it is not a small car, the box can be put into the car.

zupapa trampoline

(Zupapa 10ft trampoline) 

Reasons why a 10ft trampoline is suitable for small backyards

Suitable size and shape

Compared with the smaller 8ft trampoline, the 10ft trampoline provides bouncing space for adults or children. And a round trampoline will save more space than a rectangular one.

More affordable

Of course, a smaller size means a lower price. It can also be affordable for families with small yards.

Easier to set up and move

Smaller trampolines are easier to set up and less time-consuming to install than larger trampolines. Due to the lighter weight, it is also easier to move or reposition when needed.

Suitable for different backyard layouts

Because the 10ft trampoline has a smaller footprint, it saves more space in the backyard. Maximizes available space for other activities.

zupapa trampoline mat

(zupapa trampoline mat)

Safety precautions

Although the trampoline is a source of creating happiness, for families with children, the safety issue is still something to consider.

  1. After installing the trampoline, it is best to maintain a clearance of 6 to 8 inches around to prevent injuries.
  1. When children use the trampoline need to have parental supervision, do not let them play alone on the trampoline. And do not do flips and other dangerous movements on smaller sizes like 10ft trampolines.
  1. In the choice of the trampoline, with extra safety 10ft trampoline with enclosure will be more suitable. There also needs to be no gap at the trampoline's inner mat and outer edge.
  1. Use the ladder when going up and down the trampoline, do not jump down directly.

Final Thoughts

In short, trampolines combine fun and exercise and have many benefits for children. It enables children to spontaneously choose to come outside to play and stay entertained and active. Also, with a trampoline, families can turn a limited outdoor space into a center of fun.

Overall, the 10 ft trampoline is a great choice for small backyard families. It has a compact size while still providing entertainment. If you are interested in other trampoline sizes, Zupapa also offers 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft trampolines for you to choose from.

Stay safe, and happy bouncing!