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Dome Climber

2022 New 10 FT Dome Climber- Green


10 FT Dome Climber-Purple


10 FT Dome Climber-Blue


New 6FT Indoor&Outdoor Dome Climber-Blue


10 FT Dome Climber Canopy Tent


What are the Benefits of Dome Climber?

Dome climber is a healthy, challenging, and fun way of exercise for kids. By climbing the dome, your kids can enhance physical fitness, improve physical coordination, and balance. At the same time, the children overcome difficulties and climb up the dome again and again. This can inspire their courage and self-confidence, and exercise their willpower. Ultimately contributing to the healthy growth of children.

Reasons for Choosing Zupapa Dome Climber

Hot Dip Galvanized Steels. All of the frames of Zupapa dome climbers are made of hot-dip galvanized steels with three layers, geometric design, which is durable, weather-resistant and rust-resistant.
Heavy Duty. Metal dome climber is big enough to hold 1-6 kids with 750lbs weight capability. Your kid can have fun with his friends.
Suitable for Different Places. Zupapa dome climbers can be used outdoors or in the backyard. In addition, we also provide a climbing toy for kids to play indoors.
Purchase with No Worries. Zupapa provides outstanding customer service.No matter what problems or questions you have about the dome climber, we will try our best to help you solve it.