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Zupapa is a leading trampoline supplier that sells top quality trampolines.
For years, we carry on A customer-satisfaction policy. So far, more than 150,000+ customers are using Zupapa trampoline, good reviews over and over again.

Zupapa started in 2011

Zupapa started in 2011

It’s you who accompany Zupapa
to grow up

In May 2011, you saw the presence of the first Zupapa trampoline.
Christmas Day in 2015 was the happiest day ever because there were more than 100,000 American families that owned at least one Zupapa trampoline. It's the greatest Christmas gift that you all sent to us.
In 2017, we launched the safe and durable "No Gap" concept for the first time, and gave it to our fans to use it. Unexpectedly, this concept coincides with everyone's ideas.
In 2018, we provided kids with more choices for outdoor fun: dome climbers and baseball nets.
At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic has brought new challenges to the world. "I want to relax in the backyard." It's the shared voice from almost families. Thus, Zupapa provides high-quality hammocks and swings, hoping that everyone can stay at home and be more comfortable.
In 2021, our team provided paddle boards and gymnastics bars to live up to the love and support of our customers for Zupapa. We work hard, just to provide more American families with the best leisure sports equipment.
An Old Email From a Customer
We will never forget the thank-you emails you sent to us after receiving the trampoline.
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Guarding the smiling faces of children

Zupapa will never forget our social responsibility as part of our community.

We're glad to donate free product(s) to those who need and want one.

Whether you're an individual or a representative of any organization, just contact us at with the product(s) you want, contact detalis, and the behind-story, we'll follow up as soon as possible.

ZUPAPA By Maxlead

About Maxlead

Maxlead set sail on eBay in the UK in 2004 and bravely entered the US market in 2005, continuously expanding into new markets over the following years. Over the past 20 years, Maxlead has been dedicated to bringing quality products to thousands of households. With a focus on lifestyle-inspired design and value, we've introduced over 10,000 products in areas like Patio, Lawn & Garden, Sports & Outdoors, and Home & Kitchen, growing a family of several well-known brands, including Quictent, Zupapa, KingBird, and Hokeeper. Our commitment to warmth, trust, and quality has earned the loyalty of millions of customers in the UK, US, CA, Japan, and Germany.

Brands of Maxlead Group

Maxlead & Zupapa

Zupapa, established by Maxlead in 2011, proudly presents trampolines as our signature offering, dedicated to nurturing the wholesome development of children. We've expanded our playful repertoire to include Dome Climbers, Hammocks, Baseball Nets, Swings, and more. Our engaging leisure sports products are designed to spark joy in kids and infuse every family moment with energy and fun.