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Rebounder Trampoline

40" Mini Fitness Trampoline With Handle-...


40" Mini Fitness Rebounder Trampoline - ...


What is Rebounder Trampoline?

The Rebounder trampoline is mainly composed of bungee cords, jumping mats and small steel frames. It generally mildly stimulates the immune system and provide aerobic exercise without jarring the physical structures of the body . Beginning in 2015, rebounder trampolines have been favored by more and more fitness professionals. According to the purpose of the rebounder trampoline, people prefer to call it fitness trampoline. It has a small footprint, almost the same as a small indoor trampoline, or even smaller than a small trampoline for adults. Rebounder trampoline is easy to assemble and can be carried around, so it can also be called a mini trampoline.

Rebounding has a positive role in physical therapy and fighting obesity, which has made rebounders popular in overall health circles as well. It is no exaggeration to say that the mini trampoline is equivalent to a very cool Lamborghini among fitness-loving adults, and it is quick to get started. When you use the trampoline for exercise, it's like breathing in the lungs of fresh oxygen, let the body relax! 

About Zupapa's Fitness Trampoline

The original intention of Zupapa to provide adult trampolines is to use our professional ability to help adults who want to use trampolines for exercise. In fact, Zupapa has been in the business of designing trampolines since 2011. Our positioning is not limited to providing trampolines for children, but also trampolines for a family.

We use high quality materials to make adult mini trampolines. 6 thick bungee cords design can fully guarantee the load of 330 lbs and the best jumping performance. With extended safety guards on the jumping mat, you can enjoy the stability of the trampoline frame and the silent bounce. Currently, we offer four mini indoor trampolines, including the hexagonal fitness trampoline and the circular fitness trampoline. Among them, the mini trampoline with handlebar is the best adult trampoline. It can achieve more difficult fitness movements, such as aerial splits. Our adult trampolines feature sturdy thick steel, abrasion-resistant and non-slip jumping mats, 6 durable arched legs, and rubber trampoline leg caps to immerse your in your cardio workouts. Mini trampoline is one of the best equipment for indoor fitness for adults.

What are the Benefits of using a Rebounder Trampoline?

Rebounding, as an aerobic exercise, has no doubts about its health benefits. It can strengthen cells, enhance immune system function, reduce the impact of exercise on joints and soft tissues, and improve body coordination, balance and flexibility.

There is relevant information in this regard.

“..for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness.” NASA, Journal of Applied Physiology.

(Detail: N.A.S.A. used the rebounder to restore the 15% losses of bone mass and muscle strength that the astronauts lost in outer space due to the effects of weightlessness. The rebounder was shown to be 68% more effective than running in terms of oxygen uptake.)