40" Mini Fitness Rebounder Trampoline - Round

40" Mini Fitness Rebounder Trampoline - Round
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Zupapa Fitness trampoline:

  • Professional Fitness Trampoline: The fitness trampoline is constructed with 6 bold bungee-rope and 6 durable and firm stainless steel legs, rugged frame, and durable rebounding surface bear the maxi weight at 330LBS. Suitable for kids age 12+ and adults to do cardio and have fun (kid should play under adult supervision).
  • Body Building Trampoline: The fitness trampoline training uses your body weight and inertia to enable a unique cardiovascular workout without subjecting your body to the stress of high-impact exercise. And it trains a wide range of muscle groups, helps build muscle mass and strengthen the shoulder, hip, and leg muscles.
  • Silent Rebounder Trampoline: The non-slip damper sleeve on the legs and the noiseless bungee cord system instead of the spring creates a smooth silent bounce so you can workout without disruptive squeaking. Making it a piece of perfect exercise equipment for indoor and outdoor workout.
  • Enough Mini trampoline: The Zupapa 40inch trampoline is much smaller than other trampolines and is suitable for one person to exercise. In addition, it is small enough to fit anywhere.
  • New upgrade: The bungee-rope adopts the latest patent upgrade system provides joint-friendly suspension, reduces noise to the maximum extent, affords more stability and more flexibility, and gives you a great jumping experience. A variety of exercises and intensity levels can be added to increase your strength training sessions.
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  • 3-year warranty: Mini Trampoline equipment setup requires some physical labor-please read the user manual or accord to the installation video for set-up and if the installer can't do it alone, we would recommend 1or 2 adults to complete the installation. Regardless of installation or usage issues, please contact us anytime, anywhere.
40-Inch Fitness Trampoline

Zupapa Fitness trampoline Advantages:

  • Rebounding is a safe, effective, and fun way to improve cardiovascular health, tone lower-body muscle groups, burn calories, and improve coordination.
  • It's only 40 inches in diameter, making it a great fit for nearly any home or office workout space.

  • Six rubber-tipped legs protect your floor and provide a solid foundation for the rugged steel frame and can support up to 330 pounds.

  • The 40-inch trampoline allows you to complete a richer aerobic exercise.
  • A variety of exercises and intensity levels can be added to increase your strength training sessions and get the maximum benefits from your exercise routine.
  • Use a rebounder to achieve your desired fitness goals. Working out by rebounding helps burn calories and improves heart health with low impact exercise.

Jumping on 40-Inch Fitness Trampoline to Lose Weight