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7' x 7' Baseball Net Combo-4PCS

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7'x7'Baseball Net Combo 4PCS-Suitable for all Levels

Worry-Free Combination

4 pcs training system includes 7ft x 7ft hitting net for baseball/softball + Strike Zone Attachment + Collapsible Travel Tee + Ball Caddy. Perfect for team or solo training. Work on hitting or pitching with this training system.
Zupapa baseball net Combo

Perfect for Practice

Sock net of this baseball net and tee built in to catch and hold balls during a training session. With strong 7-ply knotless baseball & softball net, you can spend less time chasing balls and more time improving your skills! The strike zone provides you with a target that you can use to improve your pitching accuracy.
Can Improve Accuracy baseball net

Suitable for all Levels

Baseball tee adjusts to almost any player with a hitting height range of 30.7 – 45.3inch. Easy dial screw makes height adjustments in seconds, made to help improve hitters' swing and eye-hand coordination skills. A stable tripod ball caddy holds up to 60 baseballs or 30 softballs as much as a 5-gallon bucket. 36 inches tall, no more bending over to grab a ball.
suitable for all levels baseball net


Zupapa baseball net with tee assembles quickly and can be packed in a carrying case for easy transportation and storage, weighing 18 lbs, easy long-term storage, and portability in any vehicle.
easy to set up baseball net