Zupapa 8ft trampoline
8ft trampoline
more springs
8ft trampoline
Longer net
hot-dip Galvanizing Technology

[ 8FT 16FT ] 2023 Upgraded Saffun Trampoline

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Zupapa Trampoline

Good Memories Keep Forever

When will your sweeties ask to "Give me five!"? The moment when they feel the magic introduced by a Zupapa outdoor trampoline.

8 FT Trampoline

Safety is Our Priority

Safety always comes first. Every Zupapa outdoor trampoline is the safest structure going beyond your expectation.

8 FT Trampoline with Enclosure

Higher Safety Standard

Each trampoline owns TWO safety certifications. TUV certification from Germany
ASTM certification from the U.S.
8 FT Trampoline No-Gap Mat

No-Gap Mat

We take great pride in this breakthrough— Eliminate the pinch points that trap toes and feet.
8 FT Trampoline Enclosure Net

Higher Enclosure Net

Safety also comes from full protection. The HIGHER enclosure net prevents falls to the ground.
8 FT Trampoline Weight Capacity 8 FT Trampoline Weight Limit

Higher Weight Capacity

The structure, made of heavy-duty steel poles (thickness up to 1.5 mm), can carry up to 425 lbs.

* Max Weight Capacity: 425 lbs (12', 14', and 15')
* Max Weight Capacity: 375 lbs (8' & 10')

8 FT Trampoline Better Bounce

Better Bounce

To realize better bounce, we've added more springs and engineered each for the best performance. The heavy-duty MAT is another promoter.

Easy Assembly 8 FT Trampoline

Easy Assembly

Time- and -effort saving as you do not need to tighten up screws. Other necessary installation tools come with the package. The easy access to the video tutorial also helps a lot.

Built to Last

Durable material

The HOT-DIP GALVANIZED structure is 5 TIMES as durable and rust-resistant as the usual ones.

Gifted Rain Cover

The rain cover will protect your trampoline when it’s not in use.

8 FT Trampoline Rain Cover
8 FT Trampoline Rain Cover


8 FT Trampoline Foamed & Longer Net Pole

Foamed & Longer Net Pole

The LONG net poles, which can reach the ground, are also wrapped with 10-mm-in-thick foam, can effectively absorb shock, thus guarantee a safer and smoother bounce.
8 FT Trampoline Anti-Slip Parts + Wind Stakes

Anti-Slip Parts + Wind Stakes

The anti-slip parts work great in protection, are exclusive to Zupapa trampolines. The wind stakes are helpful to keep your trampoline stand still in windy days.

Enjoy Endless Fun from Zupapa Trampolines

Sit down, jump up, perform a backflip...
Touch the no-gap mat
Feel the superior bounce
Your kids can't help giving a thumbs up
It's the magic of Zupapa outdoor trampolines

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids

Zupapa Saffun 15ft outdoor trampoline is certified by TUV and ASTM, which means it is very safe and sturdy for your family. With no gap design, this prevents your child's hands or feet from getting st...


Zupapa stands behind our products at all times. Your outdoor trampolines enjoy:
Ten (10) years of warranty for the frame.
Two (2) years of warranty for the trampoline mat, frame pad, safety net, and galvanized springs.
A lifetime warranty for other accessories not mentioned above.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any help, Zupapa Customer Happiness Executives are sure to get back in 12 hours.


8 FT Trampoline with Enclosure Frame Warrenty - 10 Years
8 FT Trampoline Warrenty - Lifetime
Other Accessories
8 FT Trampoline Mat, Pad, Net & Springs Warrenty - 2 Years
Mat, Pad, Net & Springs

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