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10 FT Dome Climber Canopy Tent


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The dome climber is outdoor play equipment specially designed for children who like to drill, climb, grab, etc. When children climbing the frames, all parts of the body will participate in it, which not only enhances the children's physical fitness, but also enhances the coordination and balance of the children's hands, eyes, limbs and other parts of the body, and helps the growth of children's bodies.

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About 10ft Dome Climber Tent:


  • Kids' independent outdoor space】Zupapa dome climber tent can be fit for all 10FT diameter, 5FT height dome climber with grips. After climbing the frames, kids can play, read, etc in the canopy where they can enjoy their own independent outdoor space.
  • Ventilation】The Zupapa dome climber tent has five doors and the bottom of the canopy and the dome climber does not fully fit so that it can provide much better ventilation, so please do not worry that kids will feel stuffy in it.
  • Waterproof】The material of the Zupapa canopy is specially picked for kids which is very safe to use. And the canopy is also waterproof, so even on rainy days, kids can still enjoy their outdoor space.
  • Easy assembly】The Zupapa climber canopy is very easy to set up, just two steps, kids can enjoy their exclusive outdoor space. And if there is any problem with the Zupapa canopy, just feel free to touch us and we will spare no effort to help you solve it.
  • Anti-tear】For our Zupapa canopy, we specially added a small triangle door above the five doors, so that when kids get in the canopy, the small triangle door can protect them from tearing.


  • The Zupapa 10 ft dome climber tent enjoys a 6-month warranty, if there is any problem with it, just contact us and we will be always here for you.