14 Fun Games That Can Be Played On The Trampoline

14 Fun Trampoline Games to Play with Your Friends and Family

Nowadays, an increasing number of parents find that their children spend more and more time on video games, computer or ipad.

Then, they start to worry about their children’s health because of lacking of enough exercises.

As a result, parents want to increase the attraction of their courtyard which can encourage their children to have more physical activities.

Personally speaking, the trampoline is a really good choice to improve the attraction of the courtyard because kids like it and parents can also interact with their children.

In the next few paragraphs, Zupapa will introduce 15 amazing trampoline games that are suitable for improving the health of children and enhancing the relationship between children and their parents.

Trampoline Game 1:  Ring Around the Rosy 

It's an old but perfect trampoline game for children. Children would be arranged in a circle and hold the hands of the one next him or her. Then, they can decide the unified pose when they fall down following the rhythm of a old singing:

Ring around the rosy,

Pocket full of posies,

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down! 

trampoline game kids - Ring Around the Rosy

Trampoline Game 2 : Crazy Counting

This trampoline game is really simple for every kid and require no difficult skills when children play on a trampoline. Thus, it’s suitable for every kid even they don’t acquire anything about the trampoline. One kid wearing blindfold would be appoint as “It” and stand in the middle of the trampoline. Then other kids move around “It” and keep counting. When them say “10”, all kid stop and check the direction of “it” pointing out. The kid pointed would be asked to quit the game. The final kid in the circle would become the winner and “It” in the next turn.

trampoline game - Crazy Counting

Trampoline Game 3: Pop the Popcorn  (Crack the Egg)

This game requires just two kids, but it can engage at most six kids. Some kids would be set in the middle of the trampoline and form a ball by putting their knees on the chest and holding them. Then, other player(s) start jumping for destroying the pose or changing the position of the “ball”. At the end of the game, we can see which “ball” “pop” or “crack”.

trampoline game - Crack the Egg game

Trampoline Game 4: One, Two, Three, Sit!

This trampoline game can engage two to four kids. They firstly form a circle, and one person starts counting”one, two, three, sit”. Then, every kid sits down at the same time and cause some kids fly up. It would make the kids get higher and higher and give the kids the sense of flying if you do this more. However, adults need to pay more attention on this game to prevent that some kids crash each other on the edge or fly off the trampoline.

Trampoline games-One, Two, Three, Sit!

Trampoline Game 5: Don’t Wake the Baby

In this game, one kids would be require to pretend a sleeping baby and lay on the trampoline. Then the other kids stay out of the trampoline. Every time, just one kid is allowed to tag the “baby” and the “baby” need to guess who tag him without looking. Once the “baby” gives a right guess, the turn would end and the tagger need to play as the next “baby”.

TRAMPOOLINE GAMES - Don’t Wake the Baby

Trampoline Game 6: Dead Man Rise

The trampoline game need to engage three children at least and six at most. One kid, playing as the role of “Dead Man”, would be asked to sit in the middle of the trampoline and his eye need to close or be cover. Then, count from one to ten out loud. Others say the rhythm:

Dead man, Dead man, come alive.

Come alive when I count to five.

One, two, three, four, five.

After this, the kids in the middle need to touch others, but just allowed to craw or round on the trampoline. Others need to try their best to avoid being touched and cannot jump over the “Dead Man”. Once the get touch, they must freeze and become the “Dead Man”. The last one left wins the game.

trampoline game - Dead Man Rise

Trampoline Game 7: Knock Down Chicken

One kid would be asked role the “chicken” and stand in the middle of the trampoline. Other kids run around the middle one and try to stay on their feet. The middle one need to try his best to knock others down at the same time by jumping, making others laugh or knocking them down. Once the middle one achieve that, he win in this turn.

trampoline game -Knock Down Chicken

Trampoline Game 8: Burn Wars

This trampoline game is a very popular game and every kid love it which is suitable for kids in various weight. The winner of the game need to stand until the last second. With a given signal, kids need to jump on their feet and then land on their bottoms. Once someone double either bottom bounce or foot bounce, we loss the game. The last one would be the winner.

trampoline game for kids -Burn Wars

Trampoline Game 9: Jump the Barrel

This trampoline game requires two group of kids. The smaller or the younger one need to play as the role of “barrel”. Other kids need to jump over the “barrel” and try to knock down kids from anther group by using the rolling “barrel”. When all the kids from the same group are knocked down, the group which still have the standing member(s) wins this game.

kids trampoline game - Jump the Barrel

Trampoline Game 10: Cherry Bomb (Bombs Away)

At the beginning of the game, every kid stands on the trampoline. Then one of them throws a large soft ball and says “Cherry Bomb” or “Bomb Away” loudly. The ball can be a volleyball or inflatable beach ball. Once someone gets hit, he will loss one of their life. Everyone has just five life. If someone loss them all, he will be out of the game. The last one staying on the trampoline wins the game.

kids trampoline game - Cherry Bomb

Trampoline Game 11: Poison

In this game, we need a ball and put it on the trampoline. Then every kid jumps on the trampoline. The ball is the “poison”, when one of them touches it, he would be asked to get out of the trampoline. The last kid stays on the trampoline would win the game.

trampoline kids game -  Poison game

Trampoline Game 12: Tramp

First, we need two to five kids to play together. They need to take turns to play a trick and each one need to copy it. If someone fails to do that, he would get the letter T and continue the game. If someone completes the whole word “Tramp”, he losses the game. The last one staying on the trampoline wins the game.

trampoline game for kids - Tramp

Trampoline Game 13: Trampoline Dodgeball

First, we need at least six kids to play this game. Then we set two kids on the trampoline, and keep others on the ground and around the trampoline. Second, the kids on the ground need to hit the kids on the trampoline with a soft ball. Finally, if someone hits the kids on the trampoline successfully, he gets one point and replace the one be hit. Once someone gets ten point, he wins the game.

Dodgeball kids trampoline

Trampoline Game 14: Stealthy Ninja

The game need four to eight children to play together. One of them need to be picked out and play the role of “Ninja” and try to knock down others. Other kids need to close their eyes and fight against the “Ninja” when they are attacked. The one knock down the “Ninja” would become the new “Ninja” and play resumes.

trampoline game - Stealthy Ninja

A variety of trampoline games can help children organize game parties with friends or parents to maintain emotional exchanges, and they will not get tired of jumping on the trampoline frequently. When parents set up a trampoline in the backyard, they don’t have to worry about their children’s lack of physical exercise, because trampolines will distract children from computer or video games.

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