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Trampoline Sleepovers 2022: DIY Trampoline Fort Ideas & Steps

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Is it OK to sleep on a trampoline? You may suddenly have such a question in mind after several happy but exhausting jumps. The answer is, of course, yes. In addition, you can even enjoy a trampoline sleepover together!

If you already know what a trampoline sleepover is, and the best type of trampoline sleepover you want, head over to the step-by-step guide to DIY a trampoline sleepover.

What is Trampoline Sleepover?

A trampoline sleepover, or called trampoline tent sleepover, as its name implies, is a unique family-kind of slumber party. Such a funny activity happens just in your backyard, without heading long distance to a park or forest. While setting your tent up in your backyard and enjoying camping together with your family are fun, a trampoline tent sleepover updates the enjoyment into a next level. A trampoline sleepover can happen any night as you like. And it is extremely popular throughout the entire American families in summer. 

Can You Have a Sleepover on A Trampoline?

Although we’ve just answered this question, there are three premises to note. 

First, make sure you have already bought a trampoline, and it is large enough to allow all the sleepover party members to share the space. 

Second, please be careful that the weight of all people does not exceed the capacity of your trampoline

Third, check the weather forecast in advance! You can enjoy the trampoline sleepover only if the weather permits. Make sure there is no severe weather is going to happen, such as hurricanes. Rain and wind matter too. However, if you put a tent on it instead of only your pillows and quilts, a happy trampoline sleepover is also available when it's rainy and windy. 

Warm tip: When you are on a trampoline, please keep in mind the rule that either all jump or you all lie down, or the lying boys may get hurt by the jumpers. Zupapa always recommend having just one jumper on the trampoline at a time.

How to DIY a Sleepover on A Trampoline? - Types & Ideas

Now that you have got a basic understanding of trampoline sleepover and its precautions. It's time to know and pick the best kind of trampoline sleepover you like! Generally speaking, there are two kinds of trampoline sleepover in total, including the open trampoline sleepover and the trampoline tent sleepover.

Open Trampoline Sleepover

An open trampoline sleepover is transforming the trampoline into a trampoline bed. By decorating the trampoline with lights and bedding, an open bed appears. You can share the bouncing bed with your family and friends under the starry sky. The fresh air, the occasional birdsong, and the vast night sky make an open trampoline sleepover experience so amazing that will last a lifetime.

Open Trampoline Sleepover

Trampoline Tent Sleepover

A Trampoline Tent Sleepover is adding a tent on a trampoline or turning the entire trampoline into a tent. Compared with an Open Trampoline Sleepover, it is more private and competitive in rainy and windy days, however, it also means the broad view is gone. This is a good choice for those who are going to try a trampoline sleepover for multiple days and don't want to move the covers in and out.  

Step-by-Step Guide to DIY An Open Trampoline Sleepover

If you are going to DIY an open trampoline sleepover in your backyard, you can follow the steps below to get started. 

First, Pick A Dry Night

Camping in the rain is not really a good idea if there is no shelter over the trampoline. However, an open trampoline camping, as the name implies, is certainly without anything above the trampoline. Therefore, check the weather forecast of your location in advance and choose a dry night first.

Then, Set Your Outdoor Trampoline Up in Your Backyard

To carry out a slumber party, the most essential prop you will need is an outdoor trampoline that is large enough for all the participants. Making sure your trampoline is ready in your backyard. If there is already a trampoline, the first thing you need to do is to clean it up. After all, the bed must be kept neat and tidy. A trampoline campout should also be decadent luxury. If you just bought a new trampoline, you may need 2 hours to install it with the help of your trampoline assembling manual

Next, Decorate Your Trampoline

It's time to decorate your trampoline. You can use a circle of lights to light your trampoline up or colorful balloons and rainbow flags to beautify your trampoline. Later, take as many soft blankets, thick padded comforters, duvets, patchwork quilts and bedspreads as possible out of your house. The more quilts there are, a softer trampoline mattress you will get, and you will have a better sleep tonight. Don't forget your pillows. Bigger ones are better, or you may find it’s hard to pick them out from the quilters. If you like, you can also add a piece of white cloth as a movie curtain, and then you can also enjoy a trampoline movie night together.

DIY A Trampoline Tent Sleepover

Adding a fort on a trampoline is also a magical idea. There are plenty of trampoline tents for sale on the market. If you want an efficient tent experience, you can pick one of them, while DIY fans may prefer to build a trampoline fort in person. Belonging to the former group? You may need to buy a trampoline tent first, and then attach it to your backyard trampoline using the assembly guide provided by the tent brand. If you are looking for DIY trampoline tent ideas, you can check the image below to get inspired.

Trampoline Tent

Which Trampoline is the Best for Trampoline Sleepover?

There are two factors mattering most when choosing a trampoline for a sleepover, the size, and shape. Normally, a 12 FT Trampoline is available for almost every trampoline campout. If you only want a small family-sized trampoline sleepover for 3~4 family members, an 8 FT Trampoline may also enough. However, considering there may be more friends joining the group on Christmas and Halloween, a larger trampoline is better. About the trampoline size, a round trampoline may offer a better cozy feeling. Round trampolines are more family friendly. They not only fit normally jumping experiences and sleepover experiences, but also allow regularly entry-level physical practices. If you are selecting a trampoline for professional gymnastics exercises, you can also put your eyes on rectangle trampolines.

Looking for the best trampoline for a sleepover? Pick one from Zupapa Trampoline for Sale


Now your trampoline has turned into a big and bouncy bed. You can sleep on the trampoline and enjoy trampoline sleepover together! Which style of trampoline sleepover did you choose, an open one or a tent one?

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