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2023 Ultimate Guide of Trampoline Weight Limit for 12 FT, 14 FT...

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Before choosing a trampoline, you'd better have a brief idea of trampolines' weight limits, which may help a lot on buying the perfect trampoline for you and your family!

Here in this guide, Zupapa will not only introduce you the exact weight limits on trampolines of different sizes (10 FT, 12 FT…), but also tell you why weight limits of trampolines matters and guide you in selecting the best trampoline by trampoline weight limit (Step by Step)! Let's keep scrolling on!

Tip: If you are in a hurry and want a quick answer on how to pick the best trampoline weight limit, you can click here to know the best trampoline for you in direct. If you haven't found a trampoline yet, please check our Trampoline for Sale for your reference.

Do Trampolines Have Weight Limits?

Is there a trampoline with no weight limit? The answer is, of course, NO!

As we all know, everything has its limit and every trampoline may be torn apart if it is attacked by meteorites. In the trampoline market, you may find some brands claim that they have the best trampolines with no weight limit. We don’t want to call their claims false advertising, but they do need to add three words behind – in normal scenarios. 

Do Trampoline Weight Limits Matter?

None of us want our kids or ourselves to fall to the ground while jumping happily, so yes, the weight limit of a trampoline matters and can't be ignored.

For safety reasons, It is also never a good idea to allow your children to enjoy bounce fun on a trampoline exceeding the capacity, which may not provide enough space between the trampoline mat and the ground for their landing.

There may also be buckling of the legs on the frame of the trampoline after overweight activities.

In addition, the weight limit of your trampoline may be a primary determinant of whether your kids can ask more family members and friends to jump together on the trampoline or not.

In short, a trampoline with the right weight limit for you and your family matter a lot on whether your family can always enjoy safe and worry-free jumping or not

Then, what factors determined the weight limit of a trampoline? The most vital aspects are the materials, followed by size and style. 

Trampoline Materials

Trampoline Materials

The most significant materials that determine the weight limit of a trampoline are its springs, frames and jumping mats. 

Normally, the more springs (high-quality is a must) a trampoline have, a larger weight limit and a higher bounce it may provide. This principle applies to trampolines with bungee cords instead of springs, too. 

The frame is usually the most durable and sturdy part of a trampoline. It rarely breaks unless it suffers damages, like falling trees. However, it still has a role in determining the weight limit on a trampoline. A heavy-duty frame is going to offer a larger weight limit than one made of lighter materials. 

Trampoline Mats are also essential. A heavy-duty mat can accommodate heavier users than a light one.  

Check more about Trampoline Parts & Accessories if you are interested.

Trampoline Sizes

The weight limit of a trampoline also varies from size to size. Normally, the load limits increase with the sizes. 

Trampoline Styles

Trampolines are typically in round or rectangular. The round trampolines are more popular and common for family uses, while the rectangular ones are designed for both aspiring and professional athletes as well as growing families. Therefore, rectangular trampolines generally can carry more loads than round models

Weight Limit of Trampolines

When it comes to the weight limit of trampolines, it usually refers to the maximum pressure or maximum weight capacity that the springs, mat, and frame of a trampoline can hold.

Normally, no more than 250 lbs is suggested for every trampoline lover who is going to jump on a trampoline. Besides the weight limit of every single jumper, there are also weight limitations on trampolines jumping at one time

The table below shows the weight limit on Zupapa Trampoline for your reference. 

Please note: our trampolines have better heavy-duty mat and more springs than most other ones at the same price range in the market, and thus enjoy larger capacities. Before making such designs, we've done a lot of user researches and market researches. And finally, we find that these weight limits guarantee most of the America families with a better and safer jumping experience. Therefore, no matter you intend to buy our trampolines or not, you are recommended to choose one with weight limits no inferior to ours.

Weight Limit of Trampoline by Size

Weight Limit on Zupapa Trampoline at One Time (LBS)

Weight Limit on 16 FT Trampoline


Weight Limit on 15 FT Trampoline


Weight Limit on 14 FT Trampoline


Weight Limit on 12 FT Trampoline


Weight Limit on 10 FT Trampoline


Weight Limit for 8 FT Trampoline 


Weight Limit on Mini Trampoline


Fitness Trampoline Weight Limit


What Happens if You Exceed the Weight Limits on a Trampoline?

Well, probably nothing. However, there may also be some unsafe problems.

Firstly, overweight activities will damage your trampolines, for example, your springs may be no longer expand and retract and holes may form in your trampoline mat.

In addition, there is a higher chance for you or your kids to be injured while jumping, which it absolutely the worst case that we do not want to have.

However, unhappy situations seldom happen unless you didn't make the right choice. And the following part will guide you to make the wise decision. 

How to Choose the Best Trampoline for You by Weight Limit (Step by Step)

First, think about who is going to jump on the trampoline. Your kids only, or your entire family and more? 

Then, calculate the maximum weight.

If you only want to buy a trampoline for your kid(s), measure their weight respectively and sum up. 

If you want your entire family to be involved, measure the weight of all your family members and sum up. 

Finally, pick the needed weight rating trampoline according to the final number you get. 

Warm tip: You are suggested to buy a trampoline with a larger weight limit than the number you get. Your kids are growing. And a higher weight limit, of course, will be required during the near future. For most America families, a 15 FT Trampoline meets your needs very well, which is also the most popular pick. Still have no idea? Contact us directly to get one-on-one help!

How to Increase Trampoline Weight Limit? 

Once a trampoline is created in the factory, it is hard to increase its weight limit. You can almost do nothing if you’ve brought a trampoline home. Therefore, you are recommended to choose the right trampoline for you and your family before making the purchase. With time passing by, the weight limit of your trampoline may be lower than its original level. However, if you protect your trampoline well, things may be different. 

Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Shop trampolines with crack-resistant galvanized springs. The galvanization helps the springs last longer by protecting them from harsh weather like rain and wind. 
  • Periodically Inspect the Frame, Springs and Jumping Pad. Replace the springs and trampoline mat if they are in problem. 
  • Use a rain cover when your trampoline is not in use.  
  • Do well winter care for your trampoline. Check Winter Care for Zupapa Trampoline for your reference. 
  • Trampoline warranty is a must.
  • For other trampoline maintenance methods. Check How to Care & Maintain Zupapa Trampoline for your reference.

Hope this Trampoline Weight Limit Guide helps! And if you think it is useful, please do not forget to share it to your friends who may also in need! Zupapa always care much about trampoline jumpers and will never slow down our steps to provide more useful blogs! 

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