Outdoor Easter Activities for Families with Kids 2022

Unique Outdoor Easter Activities for Families with Kids 2022

Easter Sunday 2022


Welcome to Easter Sunday! Easter 2022 will take place in Sunday, April 17! Are you ready for it? For families, you may look for some interesting Easter activities for kids to cheer your family up and create life-lasting memories on this special day. The world with bright sunshine and gentle breeze outside your home is calling! Trust me, compared with indoor Easter fun, your kids love outdoor Easter activities more! Let’s play outside! 

Then, what outdoor activities to do this Easter? Are there any fun and unique outdoor Easter activities to try without missing the traditions? To guarantee your family a happy Easter with everyone indulging in the spirit of the holiday, you need to have a brief plan. The following 8 Unique Outdoor Easter Activities 2022 may be helpful for families with kids of all ages. Let’s check them out and select your favorite Outdoor Easter Activities for your family! 

Create a DIY Easter Egg Dome Climber

Dome Climber


Trees decorating is not always a must-do only during Christmas season. Some families also prefer to decorate DIY Easter Egg Trees with their kids on Easter Sunday. However, compared with trees, the dome climber in your backyard may give you more surprises! Imaging hanging plastic Easter eggs of different colors on the frame, isn’t it a more creative idea? Kids are always full of energy. While decorating, your kids can climb up and down to keep them active at the same time. Such an Easter Egg Dome Climber activity will not only benefit their creativity, but also good for their health. Besides, the shade of dome climber is also a perfect mini egg painting room for your kids to create Easter eggs as they like. 

Enjoy Easter Bunny Hop on Your Trampoline

Enjoy Easter Bunny Hop on Your Trampoline


Who can resist the charm of bunny hop, especially on Easter Sunday? “Put your right foot forward. Put your left foot out. Do the Bunny hop. Hop, hop, hop…”. An outdoor trampoline will be an amazing add-on to this game. While enjoying bunny hop on a trampoline, you will be rewarded with not only the normal happiness the game gives, but also the mysterious feeling of balancing your body and team while hopping. 

Life requires being record! Asking your family members, including your lovely kids, to dress up in their Easter outfits (or bunny costumes!) and taking photos for them! In addition, you can decorate your trampoline and enjoy a movie night after the happy but tiring day bouncing.

Plan Amazing Egg Hunting Games on Water

Plan Amazing Egg Hunting Games on Water


You may be familiar with egg hunting games and egg rolling race held in the backyard, park, or playground. How about on water? Let’s arrange a unique egg hunting game this Easter. Bringing your paddle board with you, and then rushing to the beach near you. Your family’s Easter water fun begins from the moment you reach the shore! Scatter your Easter eggs on water, and then navigate the board to pick them up. Such an unbeatable Egg Hunting Game will give your kids more fun and challenge. You can have your kids sit on the board in front of you, and thus you can take well care of them when they need help during the voyage. With the SUP board holding in your hands, the speed is up to you. Giving them a nice, slow and calm ride at the beginning, and then rewarding them with a fast drive! Your brave kids may want to navigate the trip by themselves. Delivering your SUP board to them. They require adventures! 

Warm tip: Inflatable paddle board is more recommended, which is much easier to transport and boasts a softer feel on the water. More importantly, your kids, especially the beginners, won’t get injured when they fall on the board. If possible, bring an inflatable paddle board with a seat for your kids less than 5 years old. Besides, do not forget your Air Pump.

Play Fantastic Easter Egg Bunny Toss 

Zupapa baseball Net


Traditional egg toss is always a big hit during Easter. Buying a toy package with bean bags and banner may be good, while your kids may be more pleased by making a DIY “Hungry Bunny”. First, find a cardboard box in your home, and then cut a hole in one of its sides. Your kids are creative geniuses! Therefore, let your kids finish the rest, including adding a pair of bunny ears, paint the outside of the box, decorate flowers or something else they like, etc. If you couldn’t find a box, items in your house with a natural mouth are also amazing replacements, like your Baseball Net or your Saucer Tree Swing with an enclosure! None of that? Hanging your buckets on your Gymnastics Bar is also a fantastic idea

Once the bunny takes shape, you can spend hours to feed the Hungry Easter Bunny with your kids. Happiness comes from every toss!

Go for a Long-awaited Outdoor Easter Picnic and Make Easter Egg Piñata

Go for a Long-awaited Outdoor Easter Picnic and Make Easter Egg Piñata


How long has it been since your family has a picnic together? Why not arrange it again this Easter Sunday? Let’s celebrate Easter during the season when all nature comes to life! Choosing somewhere full of vivid grass, trees, and flowers. During then, introducing those beautiful creatures to your kids and teaching your kids how to take care of them. Do not forget your Easter Basket with cooked Easter eggs. Let your kids try creative painting or hunting games first before eating them. Besides, try Easter Pinata setup with your kids in the open air, which will certainly be impressive! 

Bring your hammock with you if possible, which guarantee your kids a better snap when they are exhausted. 

Hold a Backyard Easter Party and Invite All Friends to Come

Hold a Backyard Easter Party and Invite All Friends to Come


Easter is also a good chance for you and your kids to date with and have fun with friends. Therefore, why not hold a backyard Easter party this Easter? Help your kids to show their interesting Easter designs and play games with their friends, like balloon down, connect four, tic-tac-toe, knock the cans, and, of course, Easter egg bunny toss and egg hunt. You can also have your kids be a lemonade stand owner today, which may also be an educational experience during your kids’ life.  

Attend a Grand Easter Parade

Attend a Grand Easter Parade


Most countries and cities host their own kind of parade for Easter, or called spring parade. Therefore, if you have no idea about what to do this Easter, following the steps of others may be a worry-free choice. Such a grand Easter Parade usually runs late into the night. During the parade, your kids may have opportunities to meet with the Easter Bunny face to face and scramble for the treats which are thrown by the bunny! Therefore, it always fosters good memories for your kids if they still believe in the Easter Bunny. Remember to bring your Easter Bonnet with you! 

Go to Church on Easter Sunday with Your Kids

Easter is an important religious holiday. Therefore, you may want to attend a church, even if you are not an active churchgoer. Your kids may also feel curious about the origins of Easter. And after the church schedule, he or she will get the best understanding - Jesus’s sacrifice for humanity. Everyone is welcomed. So, do not miss the chance to know what this “Christianity” thing is all about.


Hope the above outdoor Easter activities ideas help, and wish you all an incredible Easter this year! If there is any other unique outdoor Easter activity you’ve tried with your kids, please share with us. We always welcome fascinating inspirations of worldwide families. And once we get your superb suggests, we will update the page to help more families! Let’s fulfill the list together!