11 Interesting Facts about Trampoline You Probably Didn't Know

No matter you are a big fan of trampoline jumping or not, you may sometimes feel curious about the fun facts of this popular backyard hobby and indoor fitness enjoyment, like why it is called trampoline? Who invented the first trampoline? What are trampoline made of? Can a pregnant woman jump on a trampoline? 

Be interested? Follow this 2022 Ultimate Trampoline Facts Guide with a list of 11 interesting facts about trampoline to get awesome answers!  

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No.1: When was the Trampoline Invented & Who Invented the First Trampoline? 

No.2: What Did the First Trampoline Look Like?

No.3: Why are Trampolines Called Trampolines? 

No.4: What are Trampolines Made of?

No.5: How Many Springs Does a 8FT Trampoline Have?

No.6: How Long Do Trampolines Last?

No.7: Can You Jump on a Trampoline While Pregnant?

No.8: How Many Calories Can You Burn on a Trampoline? 

No.9: What Wind Speed Will Lift a Trampoline?

No.10: When Did Trampoline Become an Olympic Event?

No.11: How High Do Trampoline Gymnastics Jump?

No 1: When was the Trampoline Invented & Who Invented the First Trampoline?

Interesting Facts about Trampoline: When was the Trampoline Invented & Who Invented the First Trampoline?


A famous promotional photo - Jumping Nissen and his Kangaroo. (image from the internet)

Though you may have jumped for thousands of times on your backyard trampoline, I promise that you know little about the origins of the product under your feet. For example, do you know the name of the person who made the first trampoline? 

Although there is no documented evidence to support the claim, but most people believe that the first trampoline was invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswod in 1935 (some hold the view of 1934)

In 1930, the 16-year-old George Nissen, an extraordinary gymnast, attended a circus and impressed a lot by the landing device the artists used. A creative idea came to this young man's mind: could I make a device that would allow a person to keep on bouncing? When Nissen came back home, he began to make such a contraption with different kinds of materials and methods at his parents' garage. About four years later, Nissen and his coach Larry Griswodhe finally made the prototype of trampolines.  

No 2: What Did the First Trampoline Look Like? 

Instead of entertainment use, the first trampoline, created by Nissen and his coach, was used to train tumblers and to perform somersaults in more elaborate acts. The first trampoline was said to be magically made out of the inner tubing of tires and pieces of scrapped steel

No 3: Why are Trampolines Called Trampolines?

The word trampoline comes from el trampolín, the Spanish word for “diving board”. Nissen got this word during his tour in Mexico in 1937. Later, he also trademarked his bouncing apparatus, which was a more portable version of the very first trampoline, with the world trampoline. 

No 4: What are Trampolines Made of?

Nowadays, there are modern trampolines in different types in the world. The components of a trampoline vary from type to type. The most popular kind of trampoline, which is suitable for all buyers, is usually composed of a sturdy frame, a safety enclosure (especially essential for family with kids), a waterproof jumping mat, safety pads, springs or bungee cords, a ladder, etc. Some may also have one pair of basketball tunnel, which can be added to and taken down the enclosure at any time you like. If you like, you can also decorate your trampoline with colorful lights and other lovely items. In addition to the popular outdoor trampolines, there are also mini trampolines for kids and fitness trampolines, which are often placed in rooms or offices. Those mini trampolines for kids enjoy shorter legs and smaller sizes than the commonly-known outdoor trampolines. And instead of an enclosure, there may be a removable handrail added to fitness trampolines.

The following image of The most popular Zupapa Trampoline may give you a brief impression. 

The most popular Zupapa Trampoline


No 5: How Many Springs Does a 8FT Trampoline Have?

Springs play massive roles in stretching a trampoline for superior bouncing experiences. A trampoline with proper springs can give you a better and safer bounce! While the physical features of a spring like length, diameter of the coil and the material are considerations, the number of springs on a spring trampoline is also important. Though this issue is not the most significant factor in helping you make the final decision to buy a trampoline or not, it may still be helpful. You are always suggested to choose a trampoline with a moderate number of springs (there is no need to pursue the largest number, but it is recommended to reject the least).   

Do you know how many springs does a trampoline have? Normally, a 8FT trampoline has 48~62 springs. For trampolines in other sizes, the table below may give you a better understanding!  

Popular Trampolines by Size

Numbers of Springs 

8FT Trampoline


10FT Trampoline


12FT Trampoline

about 72

14FT Trampoline

about 96

15FT Trampoline

about 96

16FT Trampoline

about 120

No 6: How Long Do Trampolines Last?

The answer for how long a trampoline last depends on many factors, like which brand of trampolines you are using, how you use and maintain your trampoline and which component you are asking. Overall, a trampoline can be used for 3~8 years

The frame, the toughest part of a trampoline, can withstand all except the most severe abuse, like tornados. Therefore, there is usually little use for you to replace it. However, some other parts like the mat and spring may sometimes need to be replaced. Luckily, most of the trampoline brands amongst the market, boast warm warranty policies. All the trampolines of we Zupapa, for example, enjoy 10 years warranty for trampoline frame, 2 years warranty for jumping mat, safety pad, enclosure net & springs. Besides, a replacement for any defective part of our trampolines will be supplied free of charge.

No 7: Can You Jump on a Trampoline While Pregnant?

There is no specific rule or policy that doesn't allow pregnant women to jump on trampolines, however, for safety reasons, during your first trimester, you are more suggested staying off your trampoline. After that, asking your doctor and gaining a medical clearance first before jumping on the trampoline. 

We Zupapa proposes that it is not really recommended for pregnant women to use trampolines during pregnancy, however, if you do love a bounce on it, do moderate bounces and take care! You and your baby's safety are our priority.  

No 8: How Many Calories Can You Burn on a Trampoline? 

It is hard to give you an exact number of calories you can burn on a trampoline, because this is depended on many factors, like the intensity of activities, the type of trampoline you are using, how long you have jumped, your weight, etc. Therefore, for those who are asking how many calories does jump on a trampoline burn, 250-325 calories per hour playing recreationally on an outdoor trampoline may be the answer for your reference.

Types of Trampolines

Calories You May Burn Per 10 Mins 

Outdoor Trampoline


Fitness Trampoline

50-148 (The number may be larger)

Mini Trampoline for Kids

It depends.

No 9: What Wind Speed Will Lift a Trampoline?

As we all know, if there are severe winds, your trampoline may be flying off. Then, what wind speed will lift a trampoline? Actually, the answer varies according to the location, type of your trampoline, what kind of security methods you have done, etc. Usually, only tornado or hurricane class winds lift your large outdoor trampoline with anchor kits. Therefore, you don't have to worry too much about it. However, if you put your small fitness trampoline and mini trampoline for kids outside your door, you are more suggested putting them back to your house in windy days. 

Tips on what to do with a trampoline in high winds

To secure your trampoline for high winds and keep a trampoline from blowing away, you are proposed to choose trampolines with anti-slip parts and wind stakes to anchor your trampoline. These tools will make your trampoline be pinned to the ground firmly from flying away. All our outdoor trampolines have such treasures, if you are looking for such beat-the-wind trampolines, please feel free to select the best one for you!

No 10: When Did Trampoline Become an Olympic Event?

Even though the history of trampoline and tumbling can be traced to ancient China, Egypt and Persia, it was not until 2000 that trampoline sport officially becomes an Olympic event. In 2000, trampoline made its debut as an Olympic sport at the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. 

No 11: How High Do Trampoline Gymnastics Jump?

The average person will jump to a height of about 16 feet (5 meters), while a professional gymnastics may jump up much higher, with a new world record of 22.1feet/ 6,73 meters high achieved by jumper Sean Kennedy and propellers Sean Kennedy and T.J. Kennedy in 2014!

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