Does indoor trampoline pose a safety hazard to children playing?

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More and more children like trampoline, especially indoor trampoline. For children, trampolines also have some safety hazards.

1. Accessories related. If the trampoline is used for too long, there may be some problems with the accessories of the trampoline, such as the spring falling off. In this case, there may be many safety hazards for users to do trampoline exercises. If the trampoline net has been damaged, then you will also have a safety hazard during the exercise.

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2. Location related. If you accidentally place some debris around the trampoline, your body may be injured when you jump down. For example, if you put some children's toys in the turnover of the trampoline, when you leave the trampoline, your feet may touch these toys, and you may be injured. So we have to keep all objects that may interfere with the jumping platform away from the trampoline.

  • If you land on the spring or frame, this may cause injury to your feet.
  • If you jump off a trampoline and land on the ground, even on grass, this may cause injury to your feet.
  • If you fall or jump out of the trampoline, this may cause harm to your body.
  • If you use the trampoline as a device to bounce or jump into another object, this operation can also be risky.
  • If you use the wrong landing when jumping, you may cause damage to your entire body.

3. Wrong action. We can't do any activities under the trampoline. For example, if we do any kind of somersault on a trampoline, this may cause head injury. If we land on the ground by mistake during a flip or somersault, it may cause injury to the head and neck.

If we are beginners, we can do some difficult movements before we have fully mastered it, which may also cause harm to the body. If you are an experienced person, trying difficult moves may also cause physical harm.

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4. Time correlation. If you bounce on a trampoline for a long time, you may be injured because of fatigue.

5. Strength or frequency. If we bounce recklessly on the trampoline, this increases the chance of injury. Bounces with too high a frequency will also put a greater load on the heart.

6. Number of participants in sports. In the case of a multi-person trampoline, if we are touched or hit by another person, we may also be injured.

Regardless of your skill level or age, you should never use a trampoline without the supervision of others.

7. Jump or step on or grab the frame cushion. If you step directly on the frame cushion or grab the frame cushion, and then step on or roll up on the frame, above the spring and on the trampoline, these actions will create a safety hazard.

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But, everything has two sides. Every sport has risks. When these risks are avoided, the recreational sport of trampoline will bring many beneficial things to children.

  1. Trampoline can exercise limbs and increase muscle strength. A series of conditioned reflex training on trampoline enables young children to establish contact in the brain center through these tactile stimulation and muscle training. In this way, the trampoline can make the children's movements become sensitive and the muscles become developed.
  2. Trampoline can promote cardiopulmonary function, speed up blood circulation and strengthen metabolism. Trampoline develops the heart muscle, strengthens contractility, and enhances the function of the respiratory organs. Trampolines can help us prevent common respiratory diseases.
  3. Trampolines can promote digestive function. trampolines can increase children's gastrointestinal motility, increase gastrointestinal digestion, increase appetite, and complete nutrient absorption, so that children develop better. Children with anorexia and refusal to eat more need to exercise.
  4. Trampoline can improve children's concentration. Allowing children to participate in more sports can help them concentrate when studying. Every time after participating in sports activities, children’s attention will be more concentrated when studying, and their academic performance will also improve.
  5. Trampoline can promote parent-child interaction. It can cultivate the feelings between parents and children.
  6. Trampoline can promote the development of the nervous system.
  7. Trampolines can help children grow taller.
  8. Through trampoline, some obese people can also lose weight, and parents can also lose weight with their children. For obese people, trampoline is undoubtedly a very good choice. We can not only play happily, but also exercise properly and burn fat. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

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So, how to prevent these hidden dangers from happening.

1. Accessories. The user should check the condition of the accessories regularly, and replace the broken accessories in time, such as springs or jumpers.

2. Location. We must keep all objects that may interfere with the jumping platform away from the trampoline.

3. Action. We do not perform any dangerous actions under the trampoline, such as somersaults.

4. Time. We control the time spent on each trampoline.

5. Strength. When using a trampoline, we have to control the strength and frequency of the bounce, and exercise with an appropriate strength and frequency.

6. When exercising on a trampoline, try to pay attention to your position and judge whether you are too close to them. We try to keep a proper distance from other sports people.

7. Frame cushion. Don't just step on the frame cushion.

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Last but not least, the precautions for playing indoor trampoline.

1. Trampolining is a happy thing, so we must keep a happy mood.

2. We must properly keep a proper distance from the people on the same trampoline to prevent us from causing unnecessary harm to others.

3. We must control the strength of the trampoline.

4. We need to use appropriate movements to trampoline.

5. We do not place any debris around the trampoline. When we jump off the trampoline, we have to judge whether the position of the trampoline is appropriate, and the speed should not be too fast.

6. We should check the accessories of the trampoline regularly and update the broken parts in time. Trampoline accessories include trampoline net, trampoline ladder, trampoline springs, trampoline mat, etc.