12 FT VS. 14 FT Trampoline

12 FT VS 14 FT Trampoline, Which is Better for Your Family?

Amongst the diverse sizes of round trampolines, 12 ft and 14 ft Trampolines are somewhat of the most popular kinds. Which is better for your family? Is larger better? How to decide which to buy?

Well, if you’ve already narrowed your search down to 12 FT and 14 FT trampolines, it's not very far from your final purchase. However, there are still some aspects you’d better have some insights, like the jumping space, bounce experience, weight limit, price, etc. 

12 FT VS. 14 FT Trampoline on Size

As their names imply, a 14 ft trampoline is bigger than a 12 ft trampoline. Then, how big is a 12 ft trampoline and a 14 ft trampoline in separate? What’s the difference? 

How Big is A 12ft Trampoline?

When it comes to the size of a trampoline, it usually means how many spaces it takes and how many people can jump on it. The capacity of a 12 ft trampoline is normally about 250 ~ 450 lbs. The surface area of a 12 ft trampoline is normally about 86~93 square feet, which allows almost a person of any weight or a family with 2 kids jumping on it. 

Is A 12ft Trampoline Big Enough for Flips?

If there is only one person on the trampoline. The answer is, of course, absolutely yes. Two kids on a 12 ft trampoline is also available. However, if you want to add one adult more to enjoy bouncing together, the space may be limited. 

How Big is A 14ft Trampoline?

Compared with a 12 ft trampoline, a 14 ft trampoline enjoys a larger surface space, which is often about 130~170 square feet. It is big enough for about two adults or 5~6 kids to enjoy happy jumping on it together! The weight limit of a 14 ft trampoline varies from 400 to 500 lbs. 

Is A 14ft Trampoline Big Enough for Flips?

Yes, in most scenarios. For those who are still looking for a larger option, you can also put your eyes on 15 ft trampolines and 16 ft trampolines. 

Is A Bigger Trampoline Better?

A bigger trampoline means a larger mat and wider space for jumping. Usually, it also means there are more springs and a larger weight limit on the trampoline that may give a better bouncing experience. For example, a Zupapa 12 FT Trampoline has 72 springs, while a 14 FT Trampoline has 96 springs. The weight capacity of Zupapa 12 FT Trampoline is about 375 lbs, while that on a 14 FT Trampoline is 425 lbs. 

However, a bigger trampoline also requires a larger space in your backyard and a higher price charge. 

12 FT VS. 14 FT Trampoline on Price

How much does a big trampoline of 12 ft or 14 ft cost? When deciding on which to buy, the price matters too. In normal cases, the price of a 14 ft trampoline is about $30~50 higher than that of a 12 ft trampoline. Compared with the extra space and fun a larger trampoline can give, the price range is acceptable. However, not every family needs a bigger trampoline. 

12 FT VS. 14 FT Trampoline, Which is Better for Your Family?

Whether it is the best size trampoline for your family or not depends on the size of your backyard, your needs, and budget, etc.  

12FT/14FT Trampolines Differences
12 FT Trampoline
Neither too big nor too small;
Allow 2 kids or 1 adult to jump together each time;
More friendly for families with small backyards.
14 FT Trampoline
More springs;
A larger mat and wider space for jumping;
Allow 5~6 kids or 2~3 adults to jump together each time;
A larger weight limit and better bounce.

If Your Backyard Space is Limited, Buy a 12 FT Trampoline

About 50~80 square ft more is required when choose a 14 ft trampoline instead of a 12 ft trampoline. If your backyard is relatively small, or you have a further plan to decorate your backyard, a 12 FT trampoline is the best choice. It is not too big or small, and allows your kids to try happy bounces and also amazing tricks. 

If You Have a Large Family, Buy a 14 FT Trampoline

A 12 ft trampoline is perfect for a family with 2 kids. However, if you have more energetic kids in your family, you are suggested to pick a 14 FT trampoline, which allows 5~6 kids to have fun at the same time. A larger trampoline also guarantees more jumping and tumbling possibilities. 

What Else to Consider When Deciding Which Trampoline to Buy

In addition to the size and price, you are advised to take the brand into account, which determines the service and quality, durability, safety of a trampoline. Zupapa Trampoline for Sale, started marvelous trampoline service since the early 21st century, has enjoyed great popularity amongst over 300,000+ families in the USA. We have four pairs of 12 ft and 14 ft trampoline of different color, add-ons, and price for you to pick. All our trampolines are of high safety and quality and enjoy a 10-year-long warranty for all trampoline frames. Besides, all our trampolines have safety nets. Please feel free to shop your preferable trampoline for your family!   


A 12 FT trampoline is a hot pick for most families with 1~2 kids around. Never too big or small, and price well. A 14 ft trampoline enjoys a larger jumping space and somewhat better bouncing, however, it takes more space and charges slightly higher. Now that you’ve known the differences between a 12 ft trampoline and a 14 ft trampoline, you can now choose the best trampoline for your family according to your preference.