10 FT VS 12 FT Trampoline

10 FT VS 12 FT Trampoline: Differences & Which is Right for You

There are multiple trampoline sizes, while 10 FT and 12 FT are in the middle range. You can’t pick a trampoline that doesn’t fit in your backyard, and you can’t pick one too small because there has or is going to have more than one energetic kid in your family. Therefore, you put your eyes on 10 FT Trampolines and 12 FT Trampolines. 

Then, what’s the differences between them, how to make your final purchase decision? This is such a guide to help!

10 FT VS. 12 FT Trampoline Differences & Similarities

When it comes to buying a 10 ft trampoline or a 12 ft trampoline, you are suggested to compare their differences and similarities first, which will help you out of the maze. Here is a list of such details we’ve collected for you.

A 12 FT Trampoline is Larger than A 10 FT Trampoline

Compared with a 10 FT trampoline, a 12 FT trampoline is wider and larger and has a higher enclosure net. For families with more than one child or a relative fat child, you are proposed to pick the 12 ft trampoline, which offers more spaces and a safer net for your children while jumping. A safety margin of at least 1.5 ft from any wall and fence is required around your trampoline, and 8.2 ft or so is required for a trampoline without an enclosure net. Therefore, if the length or width of your backyard is shorter than 15 ft, without further hesitate, take a 10 ft trampoline (or 8 ft) instead of a 12 ft trampoline into account to fit in your backyard. Otherwise, do have a try of a 12 ft trampoline.

A larger trampoline also offers more possibilities, like the basketball hoop, movie screen, etc.

Zupapa 10 FT VS 12 FT Trampoline

A 10 FT Trampoline is Cheaper than A 12 FT Trampoline

A 10 ft trampoline uses fewer materials than a 12 ft trampoline, and thus usually enjoys a relatively cheaper price. If you want a budget choice, try the 10 ft trampoline. It is also a good pick for those who want an add-on toy in their backyard in addition to other items like dome climber, swing, playhouses and so on.

A 10 FT Trampoline has a Lower Weight Limit than A 12 FT Trampoline

The capacity of an outdoor trampoline matters a lot on who can jump on it safely. The larger the weight limit, the fewer requirements on the jumper. Normally, both 10 ft trampoline and 12 ft trampolines allow a preschool kid to enjoy a happy bouncing at any time. However, if there is a teenager or two, a 12 ft trampoline is better, because it has more springs to guarantee a larger weight limit.

10 FT trampolines in some brands may also closer to the ground than a 12 ft trampoline. As heavier the jumper, the closer to the ground when they land on the trampoline mat. For safety reasons, a 12 ft trampoline with a higher distance between the mat and ground is better.

Both 10 FT Trampoline and 12 FT Trampoline are Good Choices for Families with A Small Backyard and No More than 2 Kids

Amongst so many trampoline sizes, 10 ft and 12 ft trampoline are somewhat the most popular choices for families with limited backyard sizes and have no more than 2 kids. For the same brands, 10 FT trampolines share the same materials and durability that 12 FT trampolines are made. Also, they enjoy the same buying policies like the shipping. 

Should You Have a 10 FT or 12 FT Trampoline? 

How to choose, a 10 FT trampoline or a 12 FT trampoline? 

If your backyard space allows, a 12 ft trampoline is a better long-term choice. Your kids are growing. With the heavier they are, a trampoline with a larger space and a higher weight limit is required. Besides, a 12 FT trampoline is never too big or too small, and thus it won’t fully occupy your backyard. 

However, if your backyard is limited, especially when it is less than 15 ft on each diameter, a 10 ft trampoline may be better.

10FT/12FT Trampolines Differences
10 FT Trampoline
10 FT Trampoline

Cheaper ($ 110 around);
Allow 1~2 kids to jump together each time;
Most popular trampoline choice for families with tiny backyards.
12 FT Trampoline
12 FT Trampoline

More springs and more possibilities for flip;
neither too big nor too little;
Allow 2 kids to jump together each time;
A larger weight limit and better bounce than an 10 FT Trampoline.


If you have narrowed your options down to 10 ft and 12 ft, a 12 FT trampoline is always the better choice. A 12 FT trampoline offers your kids a wider space and a larger capacity to have fun and a taller net to safeguard them. However, if your backyard don’t allow, or you have other entertainment facilities in your backyard, a 10 ft trampoline is also a good choice. The Best Trampoline for your family is always up to you!

Besides the 10 ft trampoline and a 12 ft trampoline, there are also 8 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft and 16 ft.

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