8 FT VS 10 FT Trampoline

8 FT VS 10 FT Trampoline: How to Choose the Right Size for You?

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Trampolines are somewhat must-haves of every family in America. In addition to the jumping and bouncing joy, it is also used as a bed, camping tent, family theater, etc.

There are multiple shapes and sizes of trampolines that you can choose based on your necessary. Trampoline size is a personal preference, but you can follow some basic guidelines to select the best trampolines for your family.

If you have a relatively tiny backyard, you may then put your eyes on 6ft, 8ft and 10ft trampolines. Each size has its merits, while 8ft and 10ft trampolines are more popular.

Then, the problem comes. Which Trampoline for Sale to pick, a 8ft trampoline or 10ft trampoline? Before making your final decision, let’s make a comparison first. 

8 FT VS 10 FT by Size

Both 8ft trampolines and 10ft trampolines belong to small trampolines. Normally, 6ft trampolines are the smallest, followed by 8ft and 10ft trampolines. Families who have a very small backyards prefer the 8ft most. When compared by size, the mat diameter of a 8ft trampoline is about 1.1ft shorter than that of a 10ft trampoline. The shorter the diameter, the fewer backyard space a trampoline will take, also, a smaller space for your kids to enjoy. 

Is a 8FT Trampoline too Small? 

For safety reasons, Zupupa always recommends a one-bouncer-at-a-time policy while bouncing. Therefore, the size of a trampoline matters little if you follow the rule and only allow one kid to jump on it. However, if you take the trampoline camping, painting and other activities into account, you’d better choose a larger trampoline.

8ft Trampoline

10ft Trampoline

Surface Area

about 59 square feet

about 79 square feet


8 FT VS 10 FT by Weight Limit

The smaller a trampoline, the fewer the springs, and thus usually comes with a smaller weight limit. This rule does not always be true. The weight limit of a trampoline depends on many aspects such as band and materials. 8 ft trampoline and 10 ft trampoline of we Zupapa, for instance, boast the same capacity of 375 lbs. If you take the spring into consideration, a 10ft trampoline normally has 10 more springs in the package. In normal cases, most of the users believe that the more springs a trampoline has, the bouncer it is.

8ft Trampoline

10ft Trampoline

Weight Limit

375 lbs

375 lbs





8 FT VS 10 FT by Price

Price does matter a lot on the selection. If you have no strict requirements on the size and weight limit, you can just narrow your purchase down to the most budget trampoline. A 8ft trampoline is usually cheaper than a 10ft trampoline. The exact price it will charge depends much on the brand and add-on decorations you select.

8ft Trampoline

10ft Trampoline

Price (USA dollar)




8 FT VS 10 FT by Jumper’s Age 

There is no strict rules on the age of the jumpers. However, Zupapa always suggests the jumpers to be better older than 6 years old. Toddlers and preschools can also enjoy happy bounce on it, however, they should be carefully supervised by their parents. If you worry much for the safety of toddlers, you can also put your eyes on indoor mini kids trampolines.  

What age is a 8ft trampoline or a 10ft trampoline for?

Kids, teenagers, and also adults can have fun on a trampoline, no matter what size it is. There is no age limit, while some believe that 4-12 years old are recommended for a 8ft trampoline, and 5-16 years old for a 10ft trampoline. 

8ft Trampoline

10ft Trampoline

Recommended Age Range



8 FT VS 10 FT by Installation

Some may also choose a trampoline based on the installation time. The fewer time it takes, the less effort is required to take it up and assemble it, which may be a good advantage for some families. 

How much time it takes to install a 8ft or 10 ft trampoline in separate? 

In most cases, a father and his son or daughter can install a trampoline in about 1.5~2 hours. The time varies according to different level of the skills and energy of the participants. The time required to install a 8ft trampoline and a 10ft trampoline differs little. 

8ft Trampoline

10ft Trampoline

Time needed (two people)

1.5~2 hours

1.5~2 hours


Other Pros and Cons of a 8ft and 10ft Trampoline

In addition to the above information, a 8ft trampoline can be easily moved from a corner of your backyard to another. No matter when you want some changes, you will seldom get trouble to lift and resettle your trampoline. 

Which is the Best for You, a 8ft Trampoline or 10ft Trampoline?

The best size trampoline for you depends on your needs and preferences. Will it be your only large piece of entertainment equipment in your backyard? How often will your kids use it? What’s the size of your backyard? Who are going to jump on it?

If you just want an add-on in your backyard, you can choose the 8ft trampoline. It is relatively space-saving while no shortage of enough happy zone for your family. Besides, the price is good. 

If you have more than one kid in tor family, take a 10ft trampoline. Larger is always better when it comes to select from two trampolines with little differences. A larger trampoline usually comes with a larger space, better bounce and more possibilities. Besides, the price is acceptable.