You Never Know What You Will Find on A Trampoline

You Never Know What You Will Find on A Trampoline

There is an old saying that life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Here comes a down-to-earth version – A trampoline is just like a blind box, you never know what you will find on it until you see the truth that happens in front of your eyes!

Sounds crazy? You will be shamed about that feeling after you know the entire story!

Let's introduce the "heroes" now!

Top 1: Trampoline Puppies

When I typed the word trampoline on Facebook, I was amazed a lot by the tons of sidesplitting videos with puppies jumping up and down on the trampoline mat. You know what I am talking about! What ridiculous postures and smiling faces!

I began to count the number of trampoline dogs. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… I stopped my stupid behavior when I found the newly published shocking YouTube video named 26 Puppies on a Trampoline.

Twenty-six puppies were jumping on the trampoline happily! Ok, forget the numbers! Puppies love trampolines, maybe much more than you and I could imagine!

Lovely kids and adorable puppies are enjoying a joyful bouncing together, with the soft sunshine sparkling above and gentle breeze passing by. What a harmonious scene, which will certainly leave the family lifelong memories. 

Top 2: Trampoline Hedgehogs

The harmonious picture disappeared soon!

While finding so many puppies on a trampoline is scary enough, I caught a glimpse of hedgehogs. Yes, that lovely creature with impressive prickles covered his entire back! How dare they jump on a trampoline with such a thrilling outfit!

The best out of the worst, it seemed that there were no leakages on the trampoline. Thank god and the trustworthy trampoline manufacturer!

Top 3: Fighting Yellow Weasels

Two fighting yellow weasels ran into a trampoline! Suddenly, they froze. What just happened? They stood stock-still and stared at each other’s eyes for a few seconds.

Later, the brave weasel turned back to the corner where they fought for each other, then jumped! The other weasel just looked at its partner for about 5 seconds, then, it joined the jumping team! They are friends again while enjoying jumping together!

What were we fighting about? Forget it, just jump! 

Fighting Yellow Weasels on Trampoline

Top 4: Trampoline Sheep

A YouTube video named sheep knows how to use a trampoline once swept the internet. A fat sheep found something strange about a part of the ground, then he jumped again and again to check it.

In the middle, he stopped and used his right front leg to touch the trampoline mat. He may be wondering – what’s this? It’s fun! Finally, he learned how to use a trampoline! 

This is a common problem for ground trampolines. There are always unexpected friends knocking your door. 

Trampoline Sheep on Trampoline

Top 5: Trampoline Cows

Here come the heavyweight ones! Though there is no red flag, the cows are still ready for the transformation into bullfighters. Take a look at their demoniacal disco dance steps. I must be in my weird dream! Where the hell did they come from? 

I have to say, if there is a competition on the best trampoline brand with unbelievable high weight limit, I would give my vote to it. While the capacity of a normal trampoline ranges only from 300~550 lbs, their amazing trampoline holds up to 1250 lbs (the joint weight of the cows). It is the absolute winner! 

Trampoline Cows on Trampoline

Top 6: A Lost Little Raccoon

A trampoline is not always a gift. It may be a shock. A lost little raccoon was shocked by this strange bouncing item. It huddled in a corner and couldn’t help shaking! Where am I? What’s this soft ground? How to escape? Let me out! 

A Lost Little Raccoon on Trampolines

Other Trampoline Heroes

In addition to the trampoline heroes mentioned above, there are also little pigs, cats, squirrel, stoat kit, northern gannet, etc. Almost each of them knows how to jump well. Some of them even do better backflips and more fly acrobatics on trampolines than you and me!


Trampolines are superb surprises in life, especially with the additions of trampoline heroes. Sometimes, you may just forget why you bought a trampoline in the first place. It's the little things in life that make more happy moments happen. Any other finds on a trampoline? Tell me your stories and shock me again! What sort of trick is the little gymnast baby in your story going to do? Can't wait to meet with more "trampoline heroes"!

By the way, there is still a tip I want to address. The animals are lovely, but their teeth, claws, and horns are not. If you have or are going to buy an outdoor trampoline in your backyard, take care of it. Moderate jumping on it with puppies or other animals is good, but be aware of the frequency and weight limit of your trampoline. Give your trampoline back to your kids! However, if you believe that meeting trampoline heroes in your backyard is a big surprise or a bonus, forget what I said!

I'm going to enjoy jumping fun on my favorite trampoline, with no share to any trampoline hero! Good Luck!