How to Hang a Hammock: 2022 Latest Guide, Tips & FAQs

You are going to hang a hammock, maybe in your backyard or living room. However, you failed to choose a perfect angle or height to hang your hammock, or maybe you are stuck in drilling holes in your ceiling or wall. What should you do then? 

Don’t worry. Hanging a hammock correctly and efficiently is never that easier than you could imagine. This How to Hang a Hammock Guide is going to help!

No matter you want to hang a hammock indoor or outdoor, on a stand, between two trees or hang from ceiling and wall, you will get the best answer to solve your problem here!

How to Hang a Hammock

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How to Hang a Hammock from a Tree?

Hanging a hammock from a tree is common. The reasons are apparently easy. Trees are strong enough to support hammocks, and there are trees throughout almost anywhere. However, if you do not test whether a tree is strong enough to support your hammock or not, you may harm the tree and also put the user like you into dangerous positions. Then, how do you know if a tree is strong enough for a hammock? How big does a tree need to be to support a hammock? How to hang a hammock from a tree safely? 

Sometimes, you may find that the branches of trees in your backyard may aren’t strong enough, then you’d better affix your hammock to tree trunks instead of branches. Attaching one end of your hammock to the tree trunk, and hang the other end on a sturdy pole inserted into the ground, which is suggested to be about 15 feet away from the tree. 

No matter where you are going to hang your hammock from a tree, maybe in your backyard or in a park, always remember to skip the dead trees and rotting trees. Best trees to hang your hammock are advised to be at least 8’’ in diameter. 

How to Hang Your Hammock from a Tree

  • Measure and adjust your best height, which is suggested to be about 5~8 feet above the ground;
  • Wrap one end of your rope to the trunk;
  • Warp the other end of your rope to the solid pole or fence that you have built, which is recommended to be about 10~15 feet away from the tree. A closer distance is better if you want a better curve;
  • Check your knots. Try double and even triple up. 

You’ll Need:

  • Your portable hammock;
  • Enough ropes to twist the trunk (each rope is better to be 1~1.5 times longer plus a little extra than the length of your hammock);
  • A strong pole or fence and tools to drill holes in the ground, like an auger drill.

How to Hang a Hammock from the Ceiling?

When it comes to hanging a hammock from the ceiling, it usually refers to hammock chairs. Hanging a hammock chair from the ceiling is relatively easy as long as you anchor them properly. Making sure your ceiling is strong enough to suspend your hammock, for example, a plaster ceiling may be not a good choice. 

How to Hang Your Hammock from the Ceiling?

  • Mark where to hang your hammock, including the living room or bedroom, and the exact corner;
  • Drill a hole in your ceiling;
  • Anchor the string of your hammock and the eye bolt (or J hook, s hooks);
  • Hang your hammock chair.

You’ll Need:

  • Your portable hammock chair (normal hammocks are also available, but then two points instead of one in the ceiling are required);
  • Drill/driver and drill bits;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Enough nylon rope, chain or strip.

How to Hang a Hammock Between Two Trees

Hanging a hammock between two trees is also a popular choice, especially for those going camping, trying wide hiking, or enjoying a leisurely afternoon in a park. In this case, the best problem may be to find a pair of trees to hang your hammock. The distance between the two trees should be longer than the length of your hammock. You can lay your hammock on the ground to make sure the distance fits.

How to Hang a Hammock Between Two Trees?

  • Select two trees spaced apart about at least the length of your hammock from ring to ring away;
  • Wrap the two ends of your hammock to the tree (remember to double up).

You’ll Need:

  • Your portable hammock;
  • Enough rope (and add chains or hooks if necessary).

How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees?

Sometimes you may fail to find any trees to suspend your hammock. Then, you need to find some alternatives, such as poles, columns, gymnastics bars. Just free your imagination and draw whatever you want. However, no matter what you choose, please make sure they are sturdy enough to support you and your hammock. If you are not pretty sure on that, maybe a heavy duty hammock stand is a better choice, which allows you to set up anywhere and anytime you like.  

Optional Ways to Hang a Hammock without Trees?

  • Choose a portable hammock stand to fit (best of the best);
  • Hang your hammock between two gymnastics bars in your backyard;
  • Install two poles about 8~9 feet apart to hang your hammock;
  • Hang your hammock on your porch or balcony railing;
  • Hang your hammock between building columns in your balcony;
  • Customize a hammock structure with or without a shelter.

How to Hang a Hammock on a Metal Stand

Hanging a hammock on a stand is the easiest and most efficient way. The only thing you need to do is finding a hammock stand to fit your hammock and your weight. Such a hammock stand offers spaces to hang and support your hammock at the top of both sides of the stand. Therefore, you can easily attach two ends, which usually come with two rings, to the hammock stand. No further work is required. Easy and efficient!

There are hammock stands for classic hammocks and hammock chairs. If you want to get rid of picking a right hammock and also a right hammock stand to fit, you can also shop a hammock with stand. With both a hammock and a stand in the package, you can get all you want in one go!

You’ll Need:

6 Frequently Asked Questions on How to Hang a Hammock (FAQs)

  • Can you hang a hammock from a fence?

Some hammock lovers use fences to hang their hammock. If your fences are solid enough and take your weight, you can hang a hammock from your fence. However, if you are not pretty sure about that, avoid it. 

  • How to hang a hammock indoors without drilling?

The best choice is, of course, hanging a hammock on a stand. With a stand, you can just put your hammock wherever you want, without drilling the ceiling. 

  • How to hang a hammock without hooks or carabiner?

If you have a hook, you can get a better support from it. A hook is also much better than a rope for a hammock chair, which seldom changes its place and thus need a more long-lasting material. However, hooks and carabiners are not musts for hanging a hammock. Hanging a hammock with rope may be sometimes more flexible, especially in the wild.

How Do You Hang a Hammock Anywhere?

Is there a solution that allows us to hang a hammock anywhere we like? The answer is - maybe. 

Normally, all hammocks with straps or strings on the two ends can be attached to any sturdy items to support them, like trees, poles, swings, and even gymnastics bars for kids, etc. Such a work can be easily achieved in parks and backyards where there are professional equipments or strong trees. However, not all places offer such benefits. Even if there are such devices, there may not have sufficient sheets for you. 

  • Can I Hang a Hammock anywhere?

To protect trees, some state parks and public cities don’t allow tree hammocking. You are advised to check local policies before you go. 

  • Do hammocks hurt trees?

If you drill hooks on trees, you will certainly hurt the trees. Ropes also slightly damage the tree with time passes by. The best way to hang a hammock without hurting the tree is using a hammock stand to make a replacement. 


You now know how to hang a hammock at different places, are you ready to hang your hammock? Where do you like to hang your hammock? Do you have any further good ways to recommend? Share your ideas to help more people like you.