How to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand

How to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand? (2022 Latest Guide)

You’ve bought a metal hammock stand to fit your hammock or maybe a hammock with metal stand, how to assemble it in quick and with ease? This is such a useful guide to help.

Compared with instructions of other heavy furniture, assembling a metal hammock stand is relatively easier. However, you may still get trucked in trouble if you don’t follow correct steps or use the wrong tools.

Whether you’ve bought a single bar metal hammock stand or a dual bar metal hammock stand, this assembly guide gets you involved! Efficient and easy! Let’s dive!

How Does a Metal Hammock Stand Work?

Before heading to the instructions, let’s know its benefits first. Compared with a wooden or bamboo hammock stand, a metal hammock stand is more sturdy and durable. The heavy-duty powder coated steel of the stand allows it to withstand years of weathering. And its unique shape guarantees you safe swaying in the breeze. While lying, there is a safe distance between you and the stand. Therefore, you will never be disturbed by it.

With such a stand, you can easily hang your hammock on it, without drilling your ceiling or damaging your backyard tree. Even if you are in the wild with no available trees to support your hammock, you can enjoy hammock leisure in quick.

How to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand

How to Assemble a 10 FT Hammock Stand?

When assembling a hammock stand, the size of it rarely matters, what matters is the hammock stand type. However, 10 FT hammocks and 10 FT hammock stands are somewhat the most frequently picked and most favored by hammock lovers. You may also have bought a 10 FT metal hammock stand. Therefore, here we will show you how to assemble a 10 FT Hammock Stand for your reference. 

A metal hammock stand is normally composed of a base and two bars with a Y-shaped top to hang your hammock. There are also hammock stands in dual bar design. While a single bar hammock stand can free stand steady, a dual bar hammock stand is believed to offer better balance. 

How to Assemble a Single Bar Metal Hammock Stand?

How to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand

Step 1: Put All Your Accessories of Your Classic Single Bar Metal Hammock out of Your Package on the Ground

Step 2: Assemble the Base First. 

Step 3: Take the Separate Frames on the Two Sides and Snap into the Base.

Step 4: Check the Stability. Make sure the two side frames are totally inserted into the base, and then You Can Hang Your Hammock on Your New Metal Hammock Stand! If required, tighten or loosen the hammock by moving the pegs up and down.

How to Assemble a Dual Bar Metal Hammock Stand?

Step 1: Put All Your Accessories of the Dual Bar Metal Hammock Stand out of Your Package on the Ground

Step 2: Install the Hammock Stand Base First

Step 3: Put the upper frame and lower frame together

Step 4: Insert the frames into the Base

How to Assemble a Metal Hammock Chair Stand?

Step 1: Put All Your Accessories of the Metal Hammock Chair Stand out of Your Box on the Ground

Step 2: Assemble the X-shape base First.

Step 3: Insert the Lower Supporting Frame to the Base

Step 4: Connect the Upper Frame with the Lower Frame

How to Assemble a Metal Hammock If There are Missing Accessories

Well, if it is a new metal hammock package, that case rarely happens. However, if you are going to reassemble your hammock that was removed from storage last winter, you may run into trouble like this. In such cases, the best solution is to seek help from the manufacturer or seller of your hammock. Many hammock brands in the market may offer free service on that. Even if they are not free, there is only a slight fee. 

You are highly suggested to get alternative accessories from the brand you’ve bought the hammock stand, or you may waste a lot of time on selecting the available accessories to fit your metal hammock stand. 

For those who have bought hammock stands from Zupapa, you can contact us for help!

How Long It Takes to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand?

Usually, it won’t take more than 10 minutes. Most of the hammock users can finish the assembly work in about 4 minutes or so. 

How Many People are Required to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand?

One person is enough to assemble any type and size of metal hammock stand. You can also ask your kids to join in the assembly game.


You now know how to install different types of metal hammock stands, you can feel free to install your hammock stand now. Have no metal hammock stand? Choose your best metal hammock stand from our customers' best picks.