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Which 8ft, 10ft, 12ft Trampoline is Best for Your Backyard?

Jumping on the trampoline is not only fun and attractive but also a perfect way to exercise and relax. When buying a trampoline, choosing the most suitable size can better meet your needs and give you a better experience. Generally, trampolines can be divided into the fitness trampoline for adults and the trampoline for kids. Among them, the size of the trampoline for kids is more complicated and difficult to choose. The most common trampoline sizes on the market are 8 foot, 10 foot, and 12 foot. To help you make a better choice, this blog will take the Zupapa outdoor trampoline as an example to analyze these three sizes of outdoor trampolines for you.

Basic information about 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft trampolines

Trampolines of different sizes have basic differences in components, weight capacity, etc. Knowing these differences before buying can give you a basic understanding of the different sizes. The following table is the basic information about 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft trampolines.

12ft trampoline size

Factors you should consider when choosing the most suitable trampoline

Just knowing the basic information about the trampoline can't help you directly determine which size is best for you. You need to consider more factors before buying according to your own situation. Here are some tips that might help you purchase the most suitable one.

Trampoline Width 

If you have limited space for a trampoline, then size should be your first consideration when buying. For example, when your courtyard is crowded or a trampoline that is too wide will affect the beauty and function of your courtyard, a relatively small trampoline such as an 8ft trampoline or a 10ft trampoline may be more suitable for you. Their width is perfect for small courtyards and they are easy to store and assemble.

8ft trampoline size

Trampoline Height 

The height of the trampoline is divided into two parts. The first part is the distance from the ground to the jumping mat. This part requires children to climb up on their own or with the help of their parents. There is no ladder for the 8ft trampoline. So if the child is too young to climb on the trampoline, you can choose a 10ft or 12ft trampoline with a non-slip ladder, which is suitable for children of most ages. The second height is the height of the enclosure net. In order to prevent children from jumping too high and accidentally falling to the ground, outdoor trampolines of different sizes will be equipped with closed nets to better protect children's safety. Generally, the larger the size of the trampoline, the higher its enclosure net. Therefore, if your child is relatively tall or likes to jump high on a trampoline, a 10ft or 12ft trampoline can better ensure his safety.

trampoline with net size

Trampoline Weight Capacity 

If you have enough space, then you have to consider the weight capacity of the trampoline. For example, if you have two children and want to turn the yard into your children’s amusement park, a 12ft trampoline can perfectly meet your needs because it can easily carry the weight of two children and is wide enough. In addition, you don't have to replace the trampoline with a bigger one as your child gets older.

Choose the Most Suitable Size According to the Occasion

For different occasions, the most suitable trampoline size is also various. To provide you with a reference for choosing the most suitable trampoline, the following are three common occasions.

zupapa trampoline -12ft

For Family Entertainment

Usually, the trampoline will be used as a family entertainment facility for children's outdoor play and entertainment. If it is just for a child's daily use, then an 8-foot trampoline and a 10-foot trampoline are perfect enough.

For Parties or Festivals

Many people also use trampolines for parties or festivals. For example, on Halloween or Christmas, if you want to invite friends and their children to your home and you need to prepare a trampoline for three children, then a 12ft trampoline will be most suitable for your activity. For another example, when you are holding a birthday party for your child, a 12ft trampolines can be the highlight of the birthday party. In addition to choosing a large and high-quality trampoline, adult supervision is also important. If many children jump on trampolines at the same time, they are likely to get hurt.

trampoline For Parties or Festivals

For Camping

In addition to daily entertainment and party activities, trampolines are also popular in camping. Compared with using a trampoline at home, using a trampoline while camping is a completely different experience. When jumping, children can get closer to nature and feel the fun of being away from the city. However, there is a certain difference between choosing a trampoline for family entertainment and choosing a trampoline for camping. If you often bring a trampoline to camp with family and friends, a lightweight trampoline will be more convenient. For example, the 8ft trampoline is relatively small in width and height, which is easier to assemble and less restricted by space. The weight of the whole product is only 100lbs and it will be more portable to carry.

Questions You May have When Choosing

In addition to the above, there are some other special circumstances you may encounter when choosing a trampoline.

If I have three children, but my courtyard is small, how should I choose the size?

The size of the trampoline is fixed, so you can try to choose a relatively small trampoline to ensure that your courtyard space will not be completely occupied. In addition, in order for each child to be more involved in the play, you can put some other entertainment facilities that can be combined with trampolines, such as swings and hammocks. They take up relatively less space and can enrich children's activities.
trampoline for kids - Happy Halloween

If I need to buy a trampoline that can be used for both camping and family entertainment, which size is the best?

In the long run, if you do not camp very frequently, then you can first consider the size suitable for family entertainment because the trampoline will be used more time in your courtyard. Generally, larger trampolines such as 10ft and 12ft are more cost-effective. They are wider and more suitable for family gatherings and entertainment and are highly recommended for families with large courtyards.

If I want to buy a trampoline for my friend’s child as a birthday gift, how should I choose the size?

If it is for little kids, an 8ft trampoline will be perfect enough. But for adolescents who are taller and more active, 10ft and 12ft trampolines may be better. Of course, if possible, you also need to consider whether your friend’s courtyard has enough space to meet the size you plan to buy.

8 FT VS. 10 FT Trampoline

8 ft trampolines are not the smallest, but they enjoy the most popularity among the smallest trampoline line. 10 ft trampolines are about 20 square feet larger. A 8ft trampoline is a good add-on for families that already have entertainment equipments, while a 10 ft trampoline may be better on a basis of kids growing. 

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10 FT VS. 12 FT Trampoline

10 ft trampoline and 12 ft trampoline are among the middle size range of trampolines. They both share great popularizes, while a 12 ft trampoline is a hotter pick, especially for families with more than one kid.

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12 FT VS. 14 FT Trampoline

Some families may also be hard to select from 12 ft trampolines and 14 ft trampolines. 12 FT trampolines are more popular picked, while 14 ft trampoline offers a larger space for families have more than two kids to have fun.

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In short, you need to consider comprehensively according to your own situation. If you are still not sure about the size you want, just be free to contact us, Zupapa will give you more suggestions based on your situation. Hope you can buy the best trampoline!