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Is it Cost-effective to Assemble A Trampoline By Purchasing Trampoline Accessories?

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The trampoline is an attractive amusement facility for many children. Jumping on the trampoline is not only interesting but also beneficial to kids' physical and mental development. Therefore, many parents will choose trampolines as courtyard recreation facilities for their kids. However, when planning to place a trampoline in their out space area, whether to buy parts to assemble themselves or buy the whole trampoline can be a dilemma for them. Some parents think that they can save a lot by purchasing trampoline parts and assembling themselves, but is that really the case? 

Price Comparison between Assembling Trampoline by Yourself and Buying Original Ones

The price comparison is one of the important factors when measuring between buying parts or buying the whole ones. The parts needed for trampoline assembly include trampoline frames, trampoline mats, trampoline pads, trampoline springs, trampoline ladders, and an enclosure net, etc. The price of assembly will fluctuate with the quality and size of the parts. The following table uses three common models as examples to compare the prices of the parts needed to assemble the trampoline and the price of a Zupapa trampoline.

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Assembling by Yourself will Take You More Time

Self-assembly allows you to purchase trampoline parts according to your budget, which will help you save some costs. However, you may spend more time in this process than you think. 

Buying the Right Trampoline Parts Can be Time-Consuming

When buying various trampoline parts, it is unlikely for you to buy all the parts in just one shop at a time, which means you have to spend more time considering various factors and consulting different parts sellers. For example, you need to consider the size, appearance, quality of the part, and whether it can be perfectly matched with other parts. In addition, when purchases, you have to spend time consulting after-sales service including warranty and return. If you don’t think the parts meet your requirements after consideration and consultation, you may need to repeat the same steps again. It will take up more time for you.

It Takes More Time to Assemble Correctly

Purchasing parts for installation by yourself also means that you will not be given detailed installation instructions, so you have to spend more time on it if you are not good at assembling things. In addition, when setting up the trampoline, you may be interrupted if the parts do not match well, which will take more of your time adjusting or even returning them.

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Waiting Time for Delivery

The trampoline parts you need may come from different sellers. In this case, you cannot get all the parts at the same time due to different distances and inconsistent delivery times. If the delivery speed of some key parts is relatively slow, all you can do is wait for more time.

You May Need More Energy to Assemble a Trampoline

Compared with buying the whole trampoline for kids directly, the work involved in purchasing the parts to assemble it by yourself is greater and requires you to pay more effort.

 Investigation and Consultation are Required

Before assembling the trampoline by yourself, you have to spend energy searching and consulting relevant information. For example, you need to have a basic understanding of the various sizes, shapes, and required parts of the trampoline and choose what you need according to the space you get and the age and weight of your child. In order to ensure the elasticity and safety of the trampoline, you also need to pay attention to the number of trampoline springs and the safety design. Too many or too few springs will affect the safety and elasticity of the trampoline and the unsafe design will cause many potential hazards to children's use.

Return and Exchange

If some of the parts you bought are not suitable, mismatched, or even damaged, then you need to spend time to consult again and return the product. For parents who are busy with daily work, this process may make them feel tired and troubled.

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More Energy is Needed During Installation

The trampoline installation process without detailed installation videos and instructions may be more complicated. Therefore, for people who are not familiar with trampoline installation, wrong installation steps or improper installation tools will slow down the installation process and even consume a lot of unnecessary energy.

Self-Assembly May Bring Potential Risks

Although assembling a trampoline by yourself may help you reduce some of your expenses, the hidden dangers after the installation cannot be ignored.

Quality Issues

The quality of the trampoline is determined by the quality of each part. However, the quality of parts purchased separately is not uniform. If the quality of a certain part you buy is poor, the durability of the entire trampoline will be affected. In addition, the parts purchased by yourself may not fit as high as the professional original trampoline, and may even cause the trampoline to loosen and damage. This is likely to cause the child to be injured in the jump.

Low security

In addition to quality issues, the safety of self-assembled trampolines is also questionable. In order to better protect the safety of users, most of the original trampolines have been professionally designed and quality tested with clear bearing capacity and safety design. However, the weight capacity and safety of self-assembled trampolines are unclear. If the weight capacity of the trampoline is not high or lack some safety designs such as non-slip design and spring covering design, the child may be injured when jumping.

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Poor After-Sales Service

Maintenance may be inconvenient for trampolines assembled by yourself. Usually, the original trampoline has a clear warranty period for different parts. If there is any damage to the trampoline during the warranty period, you can enjoy complete after-sales service, such as repair and return. However, if the self-assembled trampoline is damaged, you may not be able to enjoy good after-sales service, and some parts do not even have a warranty. In this case, you may have to pay for the maintenance yourself. Therefore, in the long run, the cost of self-assembly will continue to increase.

Safety and high quality are the core of the most worth buying trampoline

It can be seen that most assembled trampolines are not cost-effective and even have many potential hidden dangers. However, sometimes it becomes cost-effective to assemble a trampoline. For example, if you have a good understanding of trampoline parts, you have enough time to choose trampoline accessories and assemble the trampoline. Or, for you, assembling a trampoline is like playing Lego with your child, but you must remember that a safe trampoline is the basis for happiness.

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Buying a complete trampoline is also a very good choice. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Zupapa has provided high-quality trampolines for hundreds of thousands of families, as well as dome climbers, hammocks, paddle boards, swings and more. Zupapa aims to provide safer and more reliable products to bring joy and health to more families. Buying Zupapa trampoline will be a very worthwhile choice for you.