10 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids update in 2021

Christmas is just around the corner. Do you have any gift ideas for your little ones? We know it's not an easy task to choose the best gift as there are so many factors such as cost-effectiveness, children's preferences, safety, size, etc. need considering. However, do not be too anxious and take it easy. We have carefully selected 10 most popular gifts (3 categories included). Hope you can get inspired by them.

Outdoor Sports Goods

Outdoor activities have many benefits to children's physical and mental development. They are conducive to children's respiratory organs, heart and lung functions. In addition, outdoor activities can make children get close to nature, they also open a window to shape kids' personalities and form a correct understanding of difficulties and challenges. Here are some outdoor gift ideas for kids.

12ft trampoline


Jumping on the trampoline is conducive to kids' physical and mental development. When practicing jumping skills, the balance and flexibility of your kids will be improved and their muscles and bones will be strengthened. What's more, when practicing skills, children's self-confidence will increase and they will have a more objective understanding of success and failure and be more patient.

You should consider safety and quality when choosing a trampoline for your child. High-quality products can give children a good safety guarantee and jumping experience, as well as guarantee long-term use and perfect after-sales service.

Dome Climber

Is your child a little climbing enthusiast? Climbing is a fun pastime for many children who are curious and like exploring the world around them. It is more than a recreational game. It has many benefits for children's development. For example, climbing can improve children's agility and balance. Children can also climb with other children and make new friends.

But climbing can also be dangerous. For the safety of your kids, parents should choose safe, sturdy equipment that is specially designed for kids. The Zupapa dome climber can not only satisfy children's climbing activities and exploration desires but also better ensure their safety. You can turn it into a child's private space easily -- just add a canopy, then it will become a small camping tent in the backyard.

Baseball Set

Team sports equipment can also be a perfect Christmas gift. When children are playing basketball, they will use upper limbs, thighs, and core strength in sports. Then their muscles and bones will be strengthened. What's more, playing baseball can cultivate children's sense of team and teach them how to cooperate with others. And all family members can participate in this game, which allows more parent-child interaction and builds children's confidence.

When choosing, you should consider the quality, material, and size of the baseball set. High-quality materials will ensure safety and a better experience for your child. If your child is a beginner, foam or plastic sets will be more suitable. And don't forget to choose the right size baseball bat for your child's height.


T-ball-set will be more suitable as a starter kit for kids aged from 4-6 to practice baseball. It consists of an oversized bat, some oversized balls, and a sturdy tee. Compared with a professional baseball set, it is lighter and easier to control. Your little ones can get in touch with baseball through this simple baseball device, and practice simple swings and other skills.

Daily Supplies

Buying things that children use daily is also a practical idea. Here are some items your child will need (and might like). Be sure to make them attractive to the gift receiver as many are concerned about whether their daily supplies are special or beautiful.


Most children like good-looking clothes. When buying for your kids, please remember to choose the style and color that your child likes. Many children already have color and style awareness, and their aesthetics are taking shape, so they may be picky about their clothes.

If you have enough time and strong hands-on skills, you can choose to make a dress for your children, such as a handsome motorcycle jacket, a warm sweater, or even an exquisite princess dress. Although the child grows up very quickly, the clothes you make by yourself will also become a precious memory of the child's growth.


If the clothes you buy do not have shoes that can be matched with or you feel that just buying clothes will be a bit monotonous, you can buy a pair of shoes to match the clothes and enrich the gifts.

You should try to choose shoes that are comfortable and suitable for children's activities. It's also important to know what your child likes. There are many types of shoes, such as boots, sneakers, high-tops, hiking shoes, etc. Choose according to your child's preferences.

schoolbag for kid


A cool schoolbag is also a good surprise for children. As an indispensable part of learning life, many children will pay attention to their own schoolbags. And a cool schoolbag will make them more willing to go to school.

When choosing, parents should pay attention to both the style and the quality of the schoolbag. If children do not like the color or style of the schoolbag, they may be reluctant to use it. What’s more, a poor-quality schoolbag not only has a limited load-bearing capacity but may also cause injury to the child's back and spine after prolonged use.

Brain-Training Games

Brain training can enhance children's practical skills, make children's fingers more flexible. Some games are a great test of children’s imagination. Children can use their imagination to make things they like, which can also help them better understand pictures, shapes, and colors. When children successfully complete a work, they will gain a sense of accomplishment and have more confidence. Zupapa has collected some useful and popular brain games for your kids.

Puzzle Collection

Jigsaw puzzles are good for children's mental development by improving their creativity and thinking ability. Playing puzzles can also enhance children's memory and thinking ability. Besides, Jigsaw puzzles take a lot of time and energy, so it's also a great way to exercise your child's concentration and patience.

Children’s favorite patterns can make them more interested in puzzles and more patient. So remember to choose the pattern your children like.

lego game


If puzzles can cultivate children's sense of plane, then Lego will give children more concepts of colors and shapes, and it will be more difficult and challengeable. It can cultivate children's creativity and hand-eye coordination from different perspectives. The more difficult the model will spend more time, which not only exercises the child's persistence but also creates more parent-child time.


Gobang is a game played on a go board with players alternating and attempting to be first to place five counters in a row. The rules of this game are well understood and accepted by children.

Since Gobang requires two people to participate, children can compete with their parents and play with friends, which can improve their social skills.

Every Child Will Have a Christmas Surprise

Did you find inspiration from the list? In fact, children may not mind how much their gifts are wort, the happiness of the holiday comes also from being with their parents. So, don't forget to accompany your children while enjoying the exciting festival. Zupapa wishes all families a Merry Christmas!