8 things to make your backyard attractive for kids

8 Things to Make Your Backyard Fun and Kid-Friendly

Simple items can create lots of fun and excitement for the kids in the backyard.

Spending quality time outside and enjoying nature are both essential parts of childhood. Unfortunately, our kids have been staying indoors for most of their childhood because the technology is invading every aspect of life: smartphones, tablets, games, TV shows, etc. We dare to say people from an older generation enjoyed it much more easily than children today. Yet, a kid-friendly yard that is engaging, fun and exciting can change all that.

The kids' demands today are still a bit adventurous: they like to climb, walk, run, fly, and swing. There's nothing they need more than an outdoor space to explore themselves, have fun, build and break things, and express. Below are some of the best items that can be used to create a kid-friendly backyard on a budget.


The trampoline serves as a piece of sporting equipment on which children jump up and down. It takes quite a bit of concentration to use trampolines since there are so many different movement processes involved. By concentrating on something different from school, children can reduce their stress levels. Aside from being a fun activity, trampolining also stimulates human bodies to release endorphins, which makes children feel happier and more relaxed. 

Trampolines can cause injuries if they are not installed and used properly. Bouncing children should always be supervised by parents. Gennerally, children are less likely to misbehave in the presence of an adult.

backyard with a trampoline and a playset

Dome Climber

Children love soaring to the top of anything, whether it's a hill, a curb, or a tree. This desire, fortunately, can be explored in a fun, supervised and safe manner through a piece of equipment. This is the Dome Climber. Geometric metal climbing dome structure keeps your kids entertained as well as physically strong and flexible.

It can be challenging to determine the ideal height for dome climbers. A model purchased for a younger child will be outgrown sooner or later. It might however be hazardous for a young child to use a model that is destined for an older one.

Several kids on a Zupapa dome climber

Baseball Net

Practicing hitting, throwing, and catching the ball in the backyard is made possible by the pitching baseball net. The child can thus develop his or her talent at their own will. They would not be bothered by anyone. A good-quality baseball net should be covered entirely with a large net that can catch every ball that is thrown or hit into it. Moreover, it can be folded in a carrier bag for easy storage, handling, and transportation.

While there are many pitching and batting nets in the market, not all of them are designed specifically for baseball game practice, but other ball games. Make sure you have done the necessary research before making a purchase for your children.

a boy in the backyard tidying up the Zupapa baseball net


Throughout your child's life, hand-eye coordination is an essential skill. Swing exercise matters for this reason. Playing on the swings, pushing other swingers, climbing up ladders, and more would help children to develop this skill. Additionally, swing exercise will support the development of fine motor skills in your child, improve grip strength, and enhance finger coordination.

Falls from swings may result in fractures, bruising, cuts or even traumatic brain injuries. To protect your kids, you need to prevent them from lying on their stomachs on a swing, jumping on a swing, or jumping off a swing because all these actions can lead to accidents.

a combination of a playset with Zupapa tree swing

Gymnastics Bar

One of the most comprehensive sports for children is gymnastics, where strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline are all incorporated into a single sport. Mixing pullovers, swings, hip circles, and underswings practices are not overly intense, but just enough to get the job done. Children like gymnastics because it's fun. They will be amazed at how their bodies can perform stunts that they never considered before.

One thing to note about gymnastics - this sport is almost as likely to result in injuries as soccer, basketball, and ice hockey. Be sure to teach your kids to stretch and warm up before and after doing gymnastics, and to stop immediately if they feel pain during training.

Early Fun Swing Ball

The new portable tether tennis game, swingball, includes an all-surface base and compact carrying case that makes it easy to set up. The swingball can be played anywhere & the child will never lose it again. Thanks to that, swingball provides an opportunity for kids to play with friends or play solo for tennis training and hand-eye coordination practice while spending time on winning and less time on chasing the ball.

Most swingballs are made for toddlers. You may need to consider alternative activities for your kids if they are older.

Spiro Spin

The spiro spin is an evolved version of the traditional seesaw that incorporates bouncing and spinning into it. Children can bounce and spin in a circle for hours, gaining extra fun while learning to balance and coordinate. When kids push off just a drop stronger than expected, the cushions and bouncy ball on the bottom of the seats ensure that their bottoms won't be hurt.

Preschoolers should not use a seesaw unless it has a spring to keep them from suddenly coming into contact with the ground.

6-Foot Wavy Kids Slide 

Through slide play, kids are able to combat the sedentary lifestyle and excess weight, which are problems growing more and more prevalent already during childhood. By successfully climbing up and then pushing themselves down a slide, a child can develop essential balance and coordination skills. Aside from that, slides foster the development of social skills as children can play together.
Avoid going down the slide with your child in your lap, and instruct them to go down feet-first and remove any dangerous debris before they land.

Kid-friendly backyards offer both functional and entertaining elements without sacrificing children's safety. In most cases, spending thousands of dollars on costly playground equipment is not necessary if you want your children to spend more time outside. Simple items like Trampoline, Dome Climber, Gymnastics Bar, Baseball Net, and Swing can create lots of fun and excitement for the kids.