What Time Does the Trampoline Park Open and Close?

What Time Does the Trampoline Park Open and Close?

In such a hot summer, there is no better way than keeping your kids active and happy indoor. However, activities that can happen in your home may be limited, let’s find somewhere interesting outside your house! Trampoline parks are good choices! Children love jumping! Jumping up and down makes them feel happy. Besides, it benefits their health, strength, and balance. In addition to jumping, your kids can also have fun from obstacle courses, climbing walls, slides, ziplines, spider towers and more that trampoline parks offer! 

When trampoline parks open? And what time do they close? 

Opening and Closing Time of Different Trampoline Parks in the USA

Indoor trampoline parks are springing into action throughout America. Since 2004, the year when Sky Zone opened the world’s first trampoline park, America now has over 600 trampoline parks. The opening hours vary from park to park, but that of most parks are concentrated in the afternoon from 3PM~8PM. For more details on the opening and closing time of different trampoline parks in the United States, please check the table below for your reference:

Popular Trampoline Parks

Opening Hours

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

3PM~8PM or 11AM~9PM, according to different Sky Zone you are healing to. 

Sky Zone Cerritos Trampoline Park


Jump Club Trampoline Park


Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park


Altitude Trampoline Park

11AM–8PM from Monday to Friday and 10AM–9PM on Saturday and Sunday

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park


Bounce! Trampoline Sports


Get Air Surf City


Launch Trampoline Park DORAL

Friday: 3:30–10PM; Saturday: 12–10PM; Sunday: 11AM–9PM; Monday: 3:30–9PM; Tuesday: 3–9PM; Wednesday: 3:30–9PM; Thursday: 3:30–9PM

What to Do When Trampoline Parks are Closed or Not Yet Open?

As you can see from the opening hours mentioned above, most of the trampoline parks won’t open before 10 AM and will be closed before 8~10 PM. What if you want to jump outside of park hours? Where to go to get an alternative jumping experience? Here is a list of recommendations.

Looking for Some Other Outdoor Trampoline Jumping Possibilities

In addition to trampoline parks, there may sometimes have trampoline possibilities in some other areas like public parks and shopping malls. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence. Even if you do find one, it must be crowded on the trampoline. For safety reasons, you are not really suggested to chose such a trampoline. However, if you do find an option and there is no such crowding, it is a good alternative choice.

Get an Outdoor Trampoline Home

The best choice is, of course, to get an outdoor trampoline home and set it up in your backyard. Then, you can enjoy jumping alone or with your family or friends anytime! There is no further need for you to take the opening hours into account. You are the owner of your family trampoline park. And it all depends on you, including when to open your trampoline park and when to close! From a long-term economic point of view, buying a trampoline home is also much more cost-effective than going to the park regularly.

Buy a Trampoline Home


Have no idea on which size outdoor trampoline to pick? You can check the articles below to get inspired:

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Which is the Best Size Trampoline, 8 FT, 10 FT or 12 FT?

Get an Indoor Fitness Trampoline

If a trip to the park jump is no longer possible, why not try it at home with your fitness trampoline? Fitness trampolines have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the wake of the epidemic. We all love jumping, both indoor and outdoor, fitness trampoline makes happy jumping happen too. You can get such an indoor fitness trampoline home and enjoy happy jumping as you like!


Most trampoline parks in the United States are open between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. The opening hours of the specific trampoline park you are visiting may vary slightly, but they generally don't open earlier than 8am and don't close later than 10pm. In case you go to the trampoline park when it is not yet open or already closed, you'd better go between 12 pm and 3 pm.

It's hard to find alternatives to trampoline parks outside business hours. However, you can buy a backyard trampoline home. With an outdoor trampoline setting up in your backyard, you can enjoy bouncing anytime as you like. A trampoline can be used for more than a decade, and with a trampoline home, you can save time commuting to and from the park. While others are still driving to the trampoline park, you can already have fun on the trampoline with your puppy!