Happy dog rolling on Zupapa trampoline

2020 Summary: Inspiring Pictures, Videos, and Reviews of Zupapa Trampolines

It’s a tough year. Zupapa know that you’re are in urgent need of heartwarming stories more than ever. We rounded up some and let’s dig into them.
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How time flies! When we get a glimpse of the calendar by accident, we suddenly realize that we’re nearly reaching the end of 2020. It’s a tough year - first the pandemic, which physically divided us, economically devastated us and has killed more than 200,000 of us, then the racial unrest, erupting at the death of Black Americans at the hands of police: George Floyd, followed the extreme weather include storms and wildfires which ruined towns and homes, worsened fresh air, recently the historic Election Event making the whole nation swing in uncertainty.

It's too much. Zupapa know you’re are in urgent need of heartwarming stories more than ever. We rounded up some and let’s dig into them.


We received so many interesting snapshots this year showing their great moments. We share them with you in chronological order. Going them over would be like a great ride to Zupapa’s wonderland.

Special & Funny Moment

Zupapa trampolines are a resource for fun. It can be a great place for kids’ (toddler) care, birthday party, afternoon break, picnics, etc. What’s more, even your furry friends can find joy from it.


Zupapa trampoline: bounce fun

Bounce fun ranks the first reason for buying a Zupapa trampoline. Zupapa trampolines serve well for bounce performance, whether for one jumper or a group of kids.

Zupapa Jumping Time

Are you looking for a safe playground for kids? You can trust in Zupapa’s enclosure net. A safe bet that your sweetie would enjoy it!

 Zupapa family time

How to deal with exhausted kids? Provide a set of beddings, cover it on the cleaned mat, nap time begins.

 Afternoon Break on Zupapa Trampolines

For sure, every kid expects an outing when the weather is nice. How to make it when we have to be distanced? The practical answer: have a picnic on a Zupapa trampoline. It happens outdoors, it’s safe!

 2020 Picnic on Zupapa Trampoline

The cutie want a special birthday party? It’s simple: decorate the Zupapa trampoline.

 Birthday party on a Zupapa trampoline

Aha, your furry friend is asking if he can play on the Zupapa trampoline. How happy he is when rolling!

The dog asking for permit to play on the Zupapa trampoline

Happy dog rolling on the Zupapa trampoline

Happy Memories from 2019 Winter

The 2020 winter falls on Monday, 21 December. That’s the reason we only share the only one received at the beginning of 2020 for last winter.

2019 winter: Zupapa trampoline left outside

How heavy the snow is. We do not recommend you leave your Zupapa trampoline unattended outdoors for a whole winter. At least take down the ensure net and put on the weather cover. Of course, clean snow as often as possible. The ultimate protection is to take down and reassemble in the coming spring.

Greetings Received from 2020 Spring

Spring is a new start. The temperature gets warmer, the trees and grass turn green, the people walk out for exercise. It’s time to make your Zupapa trampoline take the job.

To be honest, assembling takes some time. However, your work gets paid when the Zupapa trampoline becomes part of your backyard. A practical place for jumping fun as well as a great addition to the surroundings.

Assembling Zupapa trampoline in 2020 spring

The baby loves up-and-down games. Standing on a Zupapa trampoline to see how it enhances fun!

Mom and baby having fun on the Zupapa trampoline

The 2020 Rising Summer

Everything is flourishing in summer, the same goes for Zupapa jumping fun!

It's a typically perfect day in summer, with a bright sun and a few fleecy clouds in the heavens. Do not waste it, start jumping on a Zupapa trampoline!

 Jumping in 2020 summer Zupapa trampoline

Wake up as an energetic jumper!

 Excellent jumpers on Zupapa Trampoline

Water games are a must for summer. Make it more thrilling by playing one on a Zupapa trampoline.

 Water gaming on Zupapa trampoline, 2020 summer

Ice cream and sweet smiles. So healing! We at Zupapa are looking forward to welcoming the 2021 summer. How about you?

the brightest smile in 2020 summer on Zupapa trampoline

The 2020 Fall is Cool!

Fall has many charms. The trees change colors, the weather is cool and crisp, we put on warm coats.

Yep. Nothing can stop kids from bounce fun, not to mention the crisp fall is the best season for outdoor fun.

 Fall is good time to jump on Zupapa trampolines.

Reading time! OMG, it looks so cozy to enjoy reading while laying on the Zupapa trampoline.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Little baby, hurry hurry up, or you’ll be caught like that~

 Mom and babies on a Zupapa trampoline

“When the doll bear rushed into my hug, I feel like I’m the lucky dog be chosen, I’d try my best to hold it. It’s amazing!” Said the sweet girl.

 Playing on the Zupapa trampoline with doll bear 2020 fall

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This year has seen a great demand for trampolines. Our customers also created some videos about Zupapa trampolines. We select the following two videos about Zupapa Saffun 14 ft. trampoline, take a few minutes to watch them, you’ll have an overview of what you’ll receive, how to assemble, and the real review from the user. We’re confident to say that the two videos are helpful when you’re in a dilemma to make a buying decision.

2020 Upgraded Zupapa Saffun 14 ft. Trampoline | Unboxing, Assembly and Review, shared by Dad and Me.

Assembly of 14 ft. Zupapa Trampoline shared by Jason Jacobs.


Zupapa gains good fame in the marketplace for our focus on high-quality products and services. See how others review Zupapa trampolines based on their user experience.

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