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You Should Not Miss: Games, Workouts, Family Activities on Zupapa Trampolines

Instead of abandoning your backyard trampoline in the winter, we round up some games, workouts, and creative ideas so that you can still make trampolines a great source of fun and energy in winters.
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It seems that winter is not a friendly season for most creatures in terms of temperatures, especially the warm-blooded. It’s too cold to stay outside for sports and exercise. All we want is to sit beside the fireplace, indulging ourselves with musics, books, TV shows, movies, etc. It’s safe to say that one of our great investments – trampolines are tending to get much less use than they do in other warmer seasons when the temperature drops. Instead of abandoning your backyard trampoline in the winter, we round up some games, workouts, and creative ideas so that you can still make trampolines a great source of fun and energy in winters.

Games for Kids 

A kid enjoy reading on a Zupapa 15 ft. trampoline


We’ll introduce three classic games. Rules are simple and easy to follow. Kids who take part in are sure to enjoy themselves. For safety concerns, we highly recommend an adult to keep accompany. Of course, you can make it a new game by working with kids to change rules.

Ring Around the Rosy

A bigger trampoline is recommended for this game.

How to play?

Step 1. All the players form a circle, hold their hands together;

Step 2. Walk around in the circle while chanting the following:

Ring around the rosy,

Pocket full of posies,

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

Step 3. Take turns to decide how the group falls down - sit, fall on the back, knee drop, etc., then everyone falls down at the same time.

The most exciting moment is when there are only two players left, others will see who will be the winner!

Change the chant, another game comes out.

Wild Boar

It’s a game that can last for a whole day! The rule is simple:

Step 1. Pick a kid as “it” who stand in the middle of the trampoline with their eyes closed or blindfolds worn; other players are numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4….

Step 2. When “it” counts from 1-10, others keep moving;

Step 3. Other kids stop moving when “it” stop counting. When “it” touches a person and calls out the correct number, the one be caught will be new “it”, or the game continues.

To make the game more difficult, you can make the rule as while “it” touches a kid, others can keep moving and (or) help the touched kids get rid of “it”.

One, Two, Three, Sit!

Enjoy bouncing! It’s a game that looks like the music musical chairs, but without chairs, and more than thrilling. Two to four players form a circle by standing on the trampoline. One person begins counting, “one, two, three,” and then says, “Sit!”. If everyone lands at relatively the same time, one or two people will fly up high in the air.

Safety Notice for this game:

(1)Supervision is required!

(2) Make sure no one is too close to the edge in case that they’re out the ensure net if they’re flying too high.

For the games above, we recommend Zupapa outdoor trampoline because they are large enough to hold more kids. Of course, we have kid’s trampolines.

Zupapa kid's trampoline

Workouts for Adults

Trampolines are not only the source of kid’s fun, the adult can use it as great exercise equipment. We’ll walk you through several exercises as below. Go over them and work out your winter exercise schedule.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are an efficient total-body workout that you can do almost anywhere. With a fitness trampoline, your jumping jacks would be more exciting.

How to do?

Step 1.Stand on the trampoline with your arms alongside your body;

Step 2.Lift your arms overhead when you jump up and spread your feet apart beyond hip-width;

Step 3. Jump back to the starting position.

Repeat for 1-3 minutes as per your physical health conditions.


This exercise develops your upper body of core, shoulders, back, and hips. You can:

Step 1. Stand on the trampoline with feet shoulder-width apart, arms alongside your body;

Step 2. Bounce down while you rotate the body to the right;

Step 3. Use the rebound to return to the starting position;

Step 4. Repeat once;

Step 5. Switch sides from the right to the left and repeat.

Switch sides every two twists and swing arms for counterbalance. Continue for about 1-3 minutes.

High Knees

High knees are a great cardio boost that can work your core and lower body. It’s so easy to begin:

Step 1. Stand on the trampoline, with feet hip-distance apart, arms alongside the body;

Step 2.Lift your right knee up to the chest while raising the left arm at the same time;

Step 3. Repeat with your left knee and the right arm.

Continue for 1-3 minutes.

In general, most people can safely do the exercise recommended above. However, the risks of injuries are associated all the time. You'd better:

  • Start with a base level of strength and do NOT skip any warm-ups ;
  • Check with your doctor to ensure you can take certain sports before starting such a program if you have joint issues, muscle injuries, or other health concerns;
  • Stop immediately whenever you feel unwell.

Zupapa fitness trampolines are ideal for home workouts. Although we share ideas for adult exercise, kids can also find fun from it. See it from our customer’s feedback below.

Sweet girl are happy with Zupapa fitness trampoline

Family Fun

You do not need us to tell you that holidays in 2020 would be different. Gatherings with far-off friends or relatives, travels are not recommended unless you do not care for the 14-day quarantine. However, socially-distant is not all bad. From another perspective, we have more time to spend with our family members. A reunion consists of the kid(s), the parent, and maybe the grandparent if you’re not leaving too far away from each other would be the typical gathering. Zupapa can be a core prop for family fun in at least two ways: chalk drawing and holiday decoration.

Drawing is always a family-friendly activity we’re never tired of. Chalking drawing on the Zupapa trampoline mat is cost-friendly and easy to handle. You can create pictures with a series of themes, making the kids educated with any topics they’re interested in; you can also enhance family culture with your works. What’s more, it’s easy to erase the old when new ideas come to mind.

Chalk drawing on Zupapa 15 ft. trampoline mat


Winter is a season filled with holidays in which decoration takes a great part. Working on decorations together strengthens the family bond. Customizing your Zupapa trampoline with festive decorations by hanging wreaths, garlands, ornaments, stringed lights, and more. For example, for Halloween, something spooky and pumpkins would be the must-have, a Christmas tree would make the most perfect addition for Christmas observation.

Zupapa 15 ft. Trampoline Decorated for Christmas with wreaths, garlands,stringed lights