2020 holiday gift idea: Zupapa dome climber and trampoline

Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season from Zupapa

The holiday season kicks off as 2020 Halloween is approaching. It’s time to get ready for a gift. Here we round up some practical and beneficial picks that can show gratitude your deep gratitude.

The holiday season kicks off as 2020 Halloween is approaching. Followed we have at least three big festivals: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. It’s time to get ready for holiday shopping, especially for a gift. Here we round up some practical and beneficial picks.


Zupapa backyard trampoline


Trampolines are what make Zupapa. They own good fame on the market, are the products that developed since our small business started, which still make a significant boost. Zupapa trampolines are a great investment for your kid’s healthy, both physically and mentally, making a great holiday gift. Have an overall introduction as below to know how Zupapa trampolines combine bounce performance with safety and durability.

  • Bounce performance. The bounce performance is the primary factor – no one expects a trampoline with low bounce performance. We at Zupapa have worked hard to bring in higher-bounce trampolines. We work with professional designers, mechanical engineers to ensure jumpers enjoy our trampolines. As we know, the springs matter a lot when it comes to bounce performance. We dare to say, we’re competitive in terms of springs - as for a 15 ft. trampoline, 108 springs are applied, 96 for a 14 ft., 72 for a 12 ft., and 60 for a 10 ft one.


  • As mentioned, we work with professional ones. Safety is a priority as most of our trampolines are designed for kids. We are the holder of TUV certification (German) and ASTM (US), which strongly prove how safe a Zupapa trampoline is. We take great care of each detail, including:
  • Gap-free mat. The jumping mat itself is constructed from heavy-duty UV-protected polypropylene, making it withstand constant bouncing and damage & deterioration from the sun. The featured character is the no-gap design, which means full coverage of the springs and effectively closes the gap between the springs and the jumping surface. Consequently, children won’t get caught or slip through.
  • Double-layer safety pads. The upgraded Zupapa trampoline features a two-layer 20-mm-thick safety pad. The upper layer, woven securely to the jumping mat, offers UV protection and prevents displacement; the lower layer provides extra cushion and boosts comfort and safety.
  • Enclosure Net. Working with the no-gap mat, double-layer pad, the enclosure net provides triple protection for jumpers.
  • Weight limit. The weight limit varies from size. We hope our trampolines do the greatest help with kid development, and we try our best to make it withstand more energetic jumpers. For a 15 feet trampoline, it loads up to 375 pounds, even an adult can have fun with it. For other sizes, the maximum loading capacity is 330 pounds.
  • Durability should also be considered when talking about a high-quality trampoline. We apply for heavy-day hot-dip galvanized materials for the construction, environmental PE for the net, premium PP for the mat, making the whole structure serve longer. Moreover, a free rain cover is provided to get rid of bad weather.

Have a look at what you’ll get for an order. You’re sure to be surprised to know how many parts you’ll get. Amazing, right? View all Zupapa trampolines and take one home!

Package Content for Zupapa trampolines

Dome Climber

Kids Playing with Zupapa Dome Climber


Although a Zupapa trampoline can be used by some kids together, for safety concerns, we do not recommend it. Here comes another perfect solution: Zupapa dome climbers, which would be more fun when kids are playing together and have lots of benefits: to build spatial awareness, develop balance, increase coordination, enhance agility & motor skills, and keep kids active and healthy.

Zupapa dome climbers are safe and reliable for heavy-duty construction, easy assembly, and versatility in use. We’ll break down one by one.

  • Heavy-duty construction. The pipes are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, which provides many benefits. It protects the steel and creates a barrier between the steel and the environment, making the pipes corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant, bringing in longevity. The climbing grip is made of high-density polyethylene in children-friendly size. Better protection is realized by these lengthened screws for each nut.
  • Easy assembly. The assembly of a Zupapa dome climber is pretty simple. You do not need to worry about complex steps as the instruction is easy to follow – just about two hours with two handy people. What’s more, you can find the Zupapa video tutorial for dome climber assembly!
  • When we come to the feature of versatility, the first thing is the large space and super loading capacity, making it a paradise for kids to play. It’s 10 ft. (dia.) x 5 ft. (height) with a capacity up to 750 lbs, which means 1-6 kids can come to climb or hang together. Moreover, with a Zupapa dome climber canopy, it turns into a private space, making a great game room.
  • Another advantage of the climber is that it does not need t mounting. It’s a portable playground in the backyard, lawn, or anywhere flat, even in the basement.

Baseball Net

Kids Practicing with Zupapa 7' x 7' Baseball Net


Although it’s not that accurate to say all Americans are sports lovers, the fact is, the whole nation pays a lot of attention to the sports event. Baseball, or softball, is becoming more and more popular. Zupapa baseball nets are a great tool for batting, pitching, fielding, catching practice, or backstop use, whether you’re a beginner, amateur, or pro player. How do they make it? Let’s dig into the reasons.

  • The highlighted strike zone do great help to improve batting(throwing) accuracy, the increased frame thickness adds rigidity and weight for greater stability, and the 30.7"–45.3” adjustable height, making it work for most people. They are also easy to handle, you can fold up quickly and easily in minutes.
  • To making the net a complete practice hitting/pitching combo, you can buy a whole set with all auxiliaries. Aside from that, the Zupapa baseball nets are all-season tools, you can start practicing with it in any season outdoors and indoors.
  • Carry bag. When it comes to storage and transportation, you’ll know how important to have a carry bag.

You’re highly recommended to take Zupapa baseballs together with a baseball net combo.

Gymnastic Bar

Kid Hanging on Zupapa Gymnastic Bar


Here comes another vibrant and cute gift idea – Zupapa gymnastic bar. Featuring a triangular structure with the maximum pull-down weight limits of 175 pounds, they are trustworthy equipment for energetic kids to free up. Let’s see some key features.

  • Space-saving. It is a folding design. When not in use, you just need to pull up the horizontal beam on both sides, then the whole structure turns into 42.3" x 13.9".
  • Adjustable in height with non-slip auxiliaries. It’s a real kid-friendly toy as it grows with them. The height varies from 34.45'' -51.5'. Nearly 20 inches! This makes it a cost-friendly investment for families that have more than one kids – they can share with this bar! Two round pedestals and four slip-resistant rubber floor rings are added to the bottom structure. They increase friction and ensure players enjoy themselves safely.  And you can adjust the round base if the floor is not flat.
  • Easy installation. The installation is easier than you thought. It only needs to tighten 6 screws and takes less than 10 minutes for a handy person.

Keep in mind: Never forget to place a mat to protect kids when they’re playing with the gymnastic bar!

Hammock Set

Zupapa Hammock Set


The gifts recommended above are for kids only. You may wonder if there are any that can be used for all family members. A great question. Of course, there are, and we have – the Zupapa hammock (& stand). Lying on a hammock gives a lot of advantages: it reduces pressure and muscle aches and improves blood circulation and sleep quality. Nothing is better than soaking up the warm sunlight with families on a hammock, right? We know sometimes it would not be easy to find a proper place to hang your hammocks. So our hammocks usually go with the hammock stand, making swinging fun everywhere.

The most favorable feature of Zupapa hammock sets is that they are flexible and easy to assemble. No extra tools are required, even a person can finish assembling in 5 minutes. With the free carry bag, you can take it anywhere, even for a trip. The bag also makes a great storage solution when not in use.

The Zupapa hammock stands are heavy-day and durable. All poles are powder coated against weather destruction, with a loading capacity up to 550 pounds (refer to the listing or instruction for each model).

The Zupapa hammock stands are also designed to be universal. That is, they can be used for other hammocks (size-matched!). Also given the “universal” feature, their height is adjustable! An amazing money saver!

When the year comes to an end, we look back, pick out those who are important to our life, and send them the gift to show our gratitude. In this way, a carefully selected considerate gift means a lot. Do picks from Zupapa sound good? Do you have other gift ideas? You can share your ideas with Zupapa Official.

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