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2020 Halloween: How Can You Lower Risks

We’ll break down some practical ways that can lower the risks of getting infected and share some great alternatives for Halloween activities.

The clock is ticking for 2020 Halloween. In some ways, 2020 would make for the perfect Halloween: It falls on a Saturday which means you have a full day to prepare with an infrequent full moon, especially, the blue moon which you have to wait till August 22, 2021, for the next one.

But, for obvious reasons, this year is fraught. Most families are likely in a dilemma: We hope to enjoy ourselves while being shadowed by dark clouds haunted above the whole nation - something more spooky than a ghost – the virus. Are there any practices we can apply to make a balance? Are there any creative ways to follow to ensure festival fun and effectively lower the risks of getting infected? Here we’ll break down some practical ways that can lower the risks when you’re celebrating this Halloween with a party, trick-or-treating. Aside from that, we’ll also share some great alternatives for Halloween activities.

Before we dig into more practices, we’d like to address the importance of frequently suggested precautions we should always stick to, including wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, and regularly washing hands. They are the minimum prerequisite for a safer celebration.

  • Party
Halloween candies


It’s a safe bet that we’re planning big Halloween parties making the community an adventurous paradise without the virus. Things will be different this year. Outdoor parties with a small group, especially household only are highly recommended.

Outdoor party (masked and distanced recommended!). A well-planned party begins with information collection. Collection information about risk level from the local health authority. If a party is allowed in your community, make it outdoors. Health experts tell that it is nearly 19 times of partying indoors than outdoors as the virus lives shorter and spread slower outdoors.

Small household party. Be careful when you’re picking the guests. We recommend you invite those from low-risk communities, have been adopting prevention practices, or anyone who is confirmed in good health. Of the most importance, those who would like to obey social distance and wear a mask. The household party is of the priority because you know your family members at most.

For any parties, do not forget to prepare hand sanitizers and 75% alcohol spray.

  • Trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating is the core of Halloween fun. Halloween would likely lose one-third of fans without this interesting activity. There are two keywords for trick-or-treating this Halloween: protected and contactless. Protect your kids with masks (a must), gloves, costumes, and get rid of direct body contact as many as possible. You can refer to the following practices:

Stick with quiet, non-crowded streets. The sparser population of the area, a lower risk of getting infected. When trick-or-treating, stay distant from others, avoid crowds, move swiftly, and do not congregate outside houses.

Wear masks and costumes. The virus transmits through the air in the form of droplets or aerosols. The costume, together with a properly fitted three-lay face mask, would further lower the risks of getting infected.

Take a container for candies, sterilize before eating. Now we come to candies. Researches showed that the risk of getting infected by touching the item surface is quite low without immediate contact with eyes, nose, or mouth. That's the reason why hand-washing helps to reduce infection. The possibility of virus transmission mainly lies in the candy exchange, not the touch of the candy surface. To lessen exchange, you can provide your sweetie(s) with a candy container. And do not forget to sterilize the harvest and ask them to wash their hands before eating!

Maintain contactless candy distribution. Families can maintain contactless ways to welcome trick-or-treaters. For example, space out individually wrapped candies or Halloween grab-and-go bags on an outside table or out front on the sidewalk and leave a sign telling where to catch the candy. Of course, if you do not expect trick-or-treaters this year, you can also leave a sign telling it. Everyone would understand it.

  • Good Alternatives for Halloween Activities

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern


And, of course, if you do not think it's worth taking the risk of going out on, we have some alternatives. The safest celebration is staying at home and making it a movie night. Nothing is more comfortable than laying on the couch with the family, watching a wonderful movie. Moreover, you can make this Halloween a handmade time - decorate and carve pumpkins with the family, neighbors, or close friends. You can also visit a one-way, walk-through orchard, forest, or corn maze if you feel outings are a must.