Tips on Using Zupapa Trampoline in Summer

Tips on Using Zupapa Trampolines in Summer

As most states are now debating on reopening schools, kids would likely spend more time playing with a Zupapa trampoline at home. This passage will advise on protecting your kids and a Zupapa trampoline well throughout a sizzling summer.

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The fact that Zupapa trampolines are a great playground for kids has been proved by statistics showing a great demand for it amid the pandemic.

As most states are now debating on reopening schools, kids would likely spend more time at home, consequently, more chances to play with a trampoline. How can you protect your kids and a Zupapa trampoline well throughout a sizzling summer? This passage will advise on how to use Zupapa trampolines correctly in summer.

Let’s start with things you can do for your sweetie when they enjoy jumping fun in summer.

  • Avoid playing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our top tip for keeping the kids safe on the Zupapa trampoline throughout summer is, of course, to stop playing when the temperature begins to rise. The sun is at its highest elevation at approximately noon while the temperature gradually goes higher and higher after that, and usually, it reaches a peak at 3 to 4 p.m. local time. Whenever hint for growing temperatures occurs, you should call back your kid and ask them to stay indoors, or it probably ends up seeing a doctor because of heatstroke.
  • Limit playing hours. Enjoy bouncing fun during the cooler times of the day such as early in the morning or later in the evening. Keep a close eye on the little ones, and if they’re starting to get drenched with sweat or red in the face, it’s probably time for a break.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight directly. High temperature is not the only factor that parents should pay attention to, another key point is to reduce exposures to the direct sunlight as UV rays is also a skin killer in spring and summer. Sun protection is a must when kids jump on a trampoline, whether the sunlight is strong or not. You can get the kid’s skin protected with clothing or sunscreen, put on a hat, and ensure that they’re wearing a sleeved t-shirt. Don't forget about sensitive areas such as lips and eyes! Ensure that they're wearing sunglasses and lip balm that contain an SPF.
  • Supply enough icy cold drinks(water). Please remember to provide kids with plenty of icy cold water and ask them to have a rest regularly while they enjoy bouncing fun. Kids can quickly become overheated and dehydrated without enough hydrate supply. Clean and cold water(drinks) reduce body temperature quickly. Homemade icy poles are also a healthy way to keep the kids cool – add fresh fruits into a cup of super-hydrating coconut water or watermelon juice. How amazing it is!

You can bear in mind, limited playing hours and precautions are two mostly applied methods to protect your kids.

Zupapa 15FT Trampoline

 Zupapa 15 ft. trampoline in the backyard

Besides the kid care, you should also focus on trampoline maintenance, or it would be the most serious safety hazard. You can:

  • Check all parts before each use. Please contact us if any of the following situations occurs to your trampoline:

Punctures, holes, or tears on the trampoline mat;

Sagging trampoline mat;

Loosen stitching or any kinds of deterioration of the mat;

Bent, broken, rusted legs;

Missing or broken springs;

Missing or insecurely attached frame pad;

Protrusions of any types (especially sharp types) on the springs, mat, or frame;

Any other damages not mentioned above.

  • Install in a shady area. Constant heat and sun exposure will damage your trampoline. Although we’ve applied UV-protected mat for Zupapa trampolines, it would be better that you can take precautions to retrain materials from aging. One of the easiest things you can do to prevent sun damage is simply to move the trampoline to the spot in your backyard where it will receive the most shade at the brightest and hottest time of the day (around midday). This helps to reduce damages from prolonged exposure to UV rays. Of course, for safety concerns, do NOT place the trampoline too closely under any branches.
  • Add a rain cover. A rain cover is provided for each Zupapa trampoline. It is not only usable on rainy days, we always recommend to add it to an unused trampoline. Another note, a rain cover is not a cure-all! Be sure to remove water and objects that collect on the cover because too many weights can cause strain and sag to the frame and jump pad.
  • Keep parts dry & clean. Remember to wipe off any residual water on your trampoline with a dry cloth—particularly the mat and net before you jump — slippery surfaces can cause accidents. What’s more, you should also readjust your safety pads—tipping out any trapped water to avoid internal rusting, or parts may discolor and weaken if you leave any moisture to dry in the sun.

The best protection is to take down the trampoline and store it in a cool, dry place in the original package when it is not in use. A bit time-consuming, but you’ll get paid back when seeing the trampoline in almost brand new condition after years of use.

Zupapa newly added fitness trampolines and Zupapa 54" indoor trampoline for kids.

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