Summer Water Games on Zupapa Trampolines

As the temperatures heat up, we at Zupapa round up some ideas about how to play water games on trampolines. Hope it can give you some inspirations on using our Zupapa trampolines creatively.

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We’ve officially skipped spring and it’s summer which brings in lots of water games. As the temperatures heat up, how can you make a trampoline get prepared for all those games? That’s a burning question especially for parents who have children to care for. Do not worry! We at Zupapa round up some ideas from our customers. Hope it can give you some inspirations on using our Zupapa trampolines creatively.

  • Blow bubbles

Let’s get started with a simple game that can add fun to a trampoline – below soap bubbles. The best time to blow bubbles on a Zupapa trampoline is at sunrise and sunset when it is not too hot to play outside while the sunlight makes bubbles colorful. You can imagine how beautiful it would be when bubbles dancing around the lovely child(ren).

Of course, bubbles do not have to solely be an activity done by one child. It can be played in pairs. For example, there can be one who blows bubbles into the air, the others jump up to see how many bubbles they can catch up. This is a great way to combine two games – blow bubbles and jump up on trampolines into one fun game.

Blow Bubbles on Zupapa Trampolines

Blow bubbles on Zupapa trampolines

  • Water balloon fight

Water balloon war is a must game to cool off in a summer pastime. Fill up an entire bucket of water balloons and let the fun begin. When it comes to a real water balloon fight, the more participants, the more fun everyone can have. Given that we are tending to inspire parents, we’d recommend you make it a mild game and limit 3-5 kids to join in. Every kid can take a turn jumping in the trampoline while the others stand outside trying to hit him(her) with the balloons. The inside kid should try his(her) to avoid being hit, whether by popping up feet or moving as quickly as possible.

Play Water Balloons on Zupapa Trampolines

Play water balloons on Zupapa trampolines

  • Play with sprinkler

Water balloon war is fun. However, when a good strategy and speedy moves applied, it's possible for a smart child to dodging all balloons and avoid getting wet through the game. Grab a sprinkler to take the place of water balloons is the ultimate water game to cool off. Sprinklers also give children who might not want to get smacked with a water balloon the chance to join in the fun. An oscillating sprinkler can be used so that the kids can have the showers intermittently. Another cost-friendly idea is to make your sprinkler using a large plastic soda bottle with holes poked in it.

Zupapa Trampoline Water Games

Play with the sprinkler on Zupapa trampolines

You can also use a store-bought version that oscillates or rotates automatically. See how happy the kids are when jumping with spraying water.

Thanks for your time. That’s it for our recommendation.