A Look Back at 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

We picked out 5 pictures that we think would best reflect the 2020 Tyoko Summer Olympics.

We’ve waited one more year for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games which is a window for communication when we are looking for an escape from the pandemic looming over. As a result, it’s normal that we do not want to say goodbye although we have to. Here in memory of it, we picked out 5 pictures that we think would best reflect the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Picture 1

Key Words: Simone Bile, Balance Beam

Biles and Guan embrace during the balance beam final

Picture Source: CNN
Simone Bile, who withdrew from the all-around team final, which drew our attention to the Team USA for  gymnastics competitions, has been on the spot in this summer Olympics.
We all know what followed: She finally made a return with the seventh career Olympic medal - the bronze medal in the balance beam final.
But that's not the point we listed her at the beginning of our review. As we all know, when it comes to a competition, there is always someone who loses and someone else who gets the prize. What impressed us was her determination and persistence.

As an experienced gymnast who was expected to win a gold medal, Simone clearly knew how the public would be shocked by her withdrawal and how likely she would be criticized for the decision. However, she still went on with her decision to drop out as she realized it was not simply a way to protect her mental health, also a necessity for her physical safety for the fact that she just barely landed on her feet when she tried to do an Amanar in the previous competition, although it was only 1½ twists.

Literally, it was not a good choice to come back to the competition after the withdrawal. However, she did it, with the knowledge that she was no longer in her certain level of excellence while her competitors are well prepared.

Simone Biles, who has made so many tough decisions this summer, is the one who shows the world the spirit of the Team USA with her determination and persistence.

Picture 2

Key Words: Su Bingtian, Track and Field

Su Bingtian in 2020 Olympics

Picture Source: Reuters

Although it's not an American to make history this year in the Track and Field, we still find this picture valuable and worth remembering.

Named Su Bingtian, the runner in the picture is the history-makers as the first Asian man to reach the Olympic 100 meters final for 89 years, scoring an Asian record of 9.83 in his semi-final and 9.98 in his final.

There's always been a stereotype that a certain country (or race) would dominate some sports. Looking at this picture, we know how immature we are to hold such a misbelief. We human beings are making history all the time, regardless of nationality and race.

Want to be in the leader position all the time? The only method is to keep practicing.

Picture 3

Key Words: Theodoros Lakovidis, Weightlifting

Theodoros Iakovidis - Greek Weightliter

Picture Source: philstarlife.com

“I’m sorry that my voice is trembling, but these are my last moments on the National Team,” the weightlifter stated. “My performance does not reflect an effort of 100%. I faced a few problems with injuries after the European Championships during the period from April through May.”

It's an excerpt from a post-game interview for the Greek weightlifter Theodoros Lakovidis, the hero of this picture, published on the news released by the Greek Reporter on August 1.

We decided to make him listed once we knew that he decided to retire from the national team for the lack of financial support from the state or sponsors. After all, he has had such a successful career in the sport! Let's have an overview: he has participated in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, come first at the 2018 Mediterranean Grames, and the taken silver at the 2020 IWF World Cup.

It’s so emotional that we can’t wipe it out from our deepest minds.

Picture 4

Key Words: Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Table Tennis

Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Ma Long 2020 Olympics

Picture Source: ETTU.org

Germany's Dimitrij Ovtcharov is also the person that impresses us this summer, not only for his  best-even performance for the game, also for his practice of the Olympic spirit.

You may not recognize that this Olympics is the 19th match against the Chinese player Ma Long, also the one that he is closer than ever to win his long-term competitor.

This picture was taken once after the match ended.

Picture 5

Key Words: Trampolining

2020 Olympic trampoline

Picture Source: Olympics.com 

After telling some emotional stories, we'd like to bring in an eye-pleasant picture.

"What if I could fly like a bird?" It's the question asked by the plane inventors - Wright brothers – Orville and Wilbur. It's also a question that so many humans have asked for thousands of years.

The trampoline competition is an athletic solution to it. With a lot of training and ability and commitment, the athletes can fly up to 30 feet in the air!

Two interesting facts you might not already know.

  1. Having been added to the Olympic program in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, trampoline gymnastics is the newest of gymnastics' three Olympic disciplines.
  1. Although trampolining is originated from Europe and be popular with Americans, athletes from China and Russia have the most medals.

So, parents, let’s embrace endless possibilities from the early stage with backyard trampolines from Zupapa.

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