Several Kids on a Zupapa Dome Climber

Zupapa Dome Climbers: Help to Build a Fun Playground for Kids

The Zupapa dome climbers, as an entertainment facility specially designed for kids, are the most trustable choice.

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Choosing good entertainment for children is a challenge for every parent because there are many factors to consider: The safety which requires a high quality should always come first,  the overall performance is also an essential factor as not any kids would like a boring toy.

In terms of the safety, quality, and overall performance, Zupapa dome climbers, as an entertainment facility specially designed for kids, are at trustable choice as a gift for the little boys and girls.

The Incredible Benefits of a Dome Climber

Before diving deep into the Zupapa dome climbers, let's take an overview look at how your kids can benefit from a dome climber both physically and mentally.

  • Improve Balance and Agility. Climbing helps to develop the child's cerebellum which is mainly responsible for the balance and coordination. The more your kids climb, the better their limbs will cooperate. Gradually, their balance and agility can be improved significantly.
  • Promote Mental Development. The action of getting off the ground and climbing up is extremely interesting and challenging for children. When children are climbing, they need to constantly make judgments about their positions, then their minds will become more active accordingly. With repeated practice, the children will accumulate experience and improve their skills. They will gradually become more courageous and confident in their proficiency.
  • Get Socialized. After having a Zupapa dome climber in the backyard, children can invite their friends to play together, which can improve their social skills at the same time.

2 girls climbing a Zupapa dome climber with canopy

Tips on Choosing a Proper Dome Climber

As the lines say "You want to go to the dance, you gotta wear the shoes."  (Modern Family - Season 3), a good structure is the foundation to enjoy benefits of a dome climber. Here are some factors you should pay attention to when choosing a proper dome climber.

Suitable Size

When choosing the size,  consider two factors: the age of the kids and the space you have. Usually, there are 6' ones and 10' ones in the market. If the children are relatively young and underweight and the space you get is relatively limited, a 6 ft dome climber is a good choice. If the space is large enough, a 10 ft one is highly recommended because the bigger of the structure, the more fun when the kids use it.

Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Materials

The facility you choose for children should be harmless and safe. We recommend you choose a powder-coated climber because the coating is environmental-friendly and the process would make the structure more durable, thus delivering a safe structure safe to use.

Your Kid's Color Preference

Kids would be more motivated to play on the equipment of their favorite color. Scientific researches also show that if children grow up in a colorful environment, their ability to observe, think, and memory is higher than that of children who grow up in a single-color environment. 

a boy on a Zupapa dome climber in a sunny winter day

The Zupapa Dome Climber — A Dome Climber That Goes Beyond Your Expectation

To make the product safe and comfortable, Zupapa has been striving to do the best in all aspects to bring more surprises.

Safe and Sturdy Frame

The frame made of Galvanized Hot-Dip Steel is durable, weather-proof, and rustproof. What’s more, the steel pipes including the top poles have been upgraded to deliver a safer and more sturdy structure that can better assure your kids' safety when climbing or sitting.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Zupapa dome climber is a heavy-duty construction. With a capacity up to 750 lbs (for a 10′ one), it is suitable for 6 children climbing together. Kids can share the joy with their friends freely!

Exclusively Customized Climbing Grips

To fit kids’ hands, the climbing grips are small enough so that they can grip easily. Besides, all of the grips are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is non-toxic and pollution-free so as to assure children's safety.

Colorful Appearance

To satisfy the kid's color perference, Zupapa climbing domes are painted with various colors. There are blue-green combinations, purple-orange combinations, and blue-yellow combinations to choose from. When climbing, different colors will add to the fun of children's play and better stimulate their senses.

Easy to Assemble & Store

To make the assembly much easier, Zupapa offers printed instructions and vivid installation videos which you can understand every step clearly. What’s more, it can also be easily disassembled and stored when you move to another place or need to free up courtyard space for parties.

A Private Space

The Zupapa dome climber can achieve more than just the joy of climbing. Children can have a private space by adding the canopy (for all 10' dome climbers). Such a space of their own is conducive to develop their self-awarenes and they will be more creative and imaginative. They can climb, camp, and play with friends.

Kids playing chess inside the zupapa dome climber


The safe, sturdy, and colorful Zupapa dome climbers are sure to be the most popular equipment in the backyard for kids! Pick one for your kids to welcome the coming autumn!