Enjoy summer with Zupapa Infltable Paddle Boards

Discover the Fun of Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Boards

Discover the fun Zupapa inflatable paddle boards brought on hot summer days.

When summer comes, people's desire for water exploration and adventure becomes stronger. Whether you like a quiet lake or a vast sea, the Zupapa inflatable paddle boards, also known as the inflatable SUP (inflatable stand-up paddle board), can fulfill all your desire for a variety of water activities, is must-have equipment for hot summer days.

Zupapa Inflatable SUP-paddling with dog

The Benefits of Paddling

Let’s start with benefits of paddling.

Work Your Entire Body

As we know, the water surface is unstable. When paddling, you must fully engage your core stability and outrigger strength to maintain balance, which can effectively develop your balance ability.

Note: You may experience muscle soreness for the first time after paddling if you do not exercise regularly or overstrained. To avoid it, you should do some exercise before padding.

A Great Aerobic Exercise

Just like jogging, cycling, and other sports, paddling is also a good aerobic exercise. It can improve the body's sub-healthy state, prevent cardiovascular disease, and make you more energetic.

Relieve Stress

Water and exercise naturally soothes the body. Just imagine that: it’s a great day, the sunlight is not that strong, the gentle breeze spreads over the lake, you stand on a paddleboard moving forward slowly, next to you are your friends and a lovely dog. All fatigue and stress would just disappear in an instant!

Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board — An Excellent Paddle Board You Should Not Miss

The inflatable paddle board launched by the Zupapa team is specially designed for a stable and easy-to-operate water experience. It is not only suitable for various levels, but also can achieve a collective water experience with families or friends. The outstanding quality and good user experience make it a best choice.

Full Anti-Skid EVA Padded Deck

The deck of all Zupapa paddle boards are fully covered by EVA, an elastomeric polymer material that is "rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. It can effectively protect you (or your furry friend) from slipping when paddling or doing yoga.

Good Stability

The 10' x 32" x 6" inflatable stand-up paddle board (blue or yellow) has a capacity of 350 lbs, which means you can enjoy the water fun with your pet and family without worrying about the stability on the water. Besides, compared with the traditional single-layer paddle board, a Zupapa inflatable paddle board is made from durable multi-layered military-grade PVC materials that are more stable. The three fins on the bottom of the paddle board can not only ensure your operation is simple and safe enough, but also ensure your stability during the journey, allowing you to surf better.

Easy to Inflate

The Dual Action Pump makes inflation and deflation efficiency twice that of ordinary pumps. Protected by the two-layered military-grade PVC material, inner Drop Stitch Constructions of the paddle board delivers ultimate safety when inflating and deflating. You’re sure to be surprised by the fact that you have already started a fun water adventure while others are still waiting, even though you two start to inflate simultaneously!

Easy-to-Carry and Space-Friendly

When you are on the beach or by the lake, you can use the Shoulder Strap to carry the paddle board around because the whole structure only weighs 20.7 lbs after being inflated. You can also deflate and roll it up whenever you want to take it somewhere else. Of course, it won't take up a lot of space.

A girl carrying a Zupapa Inflatable SUP


Zupapa also strives to diversify product functions to provide you with a better experience. For example, when you have been standing for a long time and want to take a break, you can place the kayak seat and sit down comfortably. Then you can use the two-way paddle to move forward slowly. There are also times when you are tired of paddling. That's not a big problem! You can use the paddle holder to fix the paddle, and then sit on the paddle board and enjoy the scenery or even go fishing with your companions. Of course, doing soothing yoga on the paddle board is a nice choice as well.

Balance Tips When Using Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board 

I believe that every beginner will desperately want to quickly balance on the paddle board. But just like any other sports, practicing is also a gradual process. It is recommended to learn to balance from standing to walking and then to paddling.

Keep Balance When Standing

Before the paddle board exercise, you need to push the paddle board into the shallow water area and stand next to the paddle board. Firstly, put one foot on the board first and maintain a kneeling position, then try to lower the center of gravity of your body, slowly kneel on the board. Don't forget to adjust your position when needed. When you feel that the board is stable enough, stand up slowly with one foot, then another. When practicing on the board, remember to stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Balance Tips When Walking

When walking on the Zupapa inflated paddle board, you must walk along the centerline of the board surface, not on both sides, which can avoid violent shaking of the board. During the training, you should keep your head and shoulders upright, look forward, and don't keep staring at your feet. After a certain amount of training, you can speed up a little bit.

Balance Tips When Paddling

Firstly, insert the paddle into the water, keep your arms straight, press one hand on the handle of the paddle, and pull the paddle back to the ankle with the strength of your waist, then leave the water and repeat the operation. To maintain a straight line, you need to alternate strokes on both sides of the board, four or five strokes on one side, and then switch to the other side.

You can be free to have an exciting adventure after you can keep balance well!


In short, whether you want to enjoy the pleasure of standing on the water in summer alone, or to take your pets and have a fun water adventure with your family, as one of the best inflatable paddle boards, one from Zupapa can help you realize all your beautiful fantasies of summer. Take one home!