Zupapa products enrich summer break

A Typical Day with Zupapa over Summer Break

Let’s see how Zupapa will enrich your kid’s day over summer break!

summer holiday with Zupapa

With the purpose to accompany all kids to grow up healthy both physically and mentally, Zupapa spares no effort to provide practical products and suggestions for families and parents at all times. No exception to the summer break this year – Zupapa is here to get you covered for great ideas to keep your kids active over the 2021 summer break.

Let’s see how Zupapa will enrich your kid’s day.

Start the Day Energetically with Trampolines and Dome Climbers

As it says, “Well began is half done.” It goes with the day that you’re going to start. Say “Hi” to it with a big smile when waking up, you’re more likely to spend a smoother day. Of course, our optimism is part of starting a perfect day, you’ll also need some assistants. In the morning, we recommend the following two: Zupapa Outdoor Trampolines and Zupapa Dome Climbers.

Outdoor trampolines and dome climbers are listed as the most wanted gifts for years. Placing one or both in your backyard over summer break would turn it into a perfect playground – do not need to find a site to free up your kid's energy, your backyard is the one you’re looking for. More important, they can be the start for your kids to get socialization – just make it a chance to work together with your kids to invite some of their friends to enjoy the BIG TOY together.

For creative ideas about using a trampoline, you can refer to Summer Water Games on Zupapa Trampolines. Of course, do pay attention to Tips on Using Zupapa Trampolines in summer.

As for the Dome Climber, we highly recommend taking it home with the canopy. With it added, the climber turns into a private room for reading, gaming, or taking a nap. The most romantic way to use the canopy is to put it on a sunny summer night. Imagine how wonderful it would be to observing the starry sky when lying inside the temporary room created by it the dome climber and the canopy!

Zupapa outdoor trampoline Zupapa dome climber with canopy added

Have a Good Break in the Noon with Hammocks

In the noon, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch to catch up on some sleep for adults. However, it does NOT go with kids. It is always a headache to make kids take a nap or just be quiet for a while. In this situation, you can try a Zupapa Hammock. Researches have proved that people would fall into sleep quicker when there is someone gently swaying the bed. A hammock works similarly. Given you’re likely to nap with the kid, you can have a look at the collection 550 LBS Hammock Stand.  

A note. We have Hammock (fabric only), Hammock Stand (frame only), Hammock with Stand, and Hammock Chair. They are not only good to help your kids have a good rest in the noon, but they can also be part of your family outings nearby with the gifted carry bag(s).

Zupapa hammock

Sports are a Great Way to Kill Time

How can you vitalize your kids from napping in the afternoon? The answer is simple: doing sports. It would be the quickest way. To kill time in the afternoon,  Zupapa Small Trampoline for KidsZupapa Fitness TrampolineZupapa Baseball Net Combo, and Zupapa Gymnastics Bar are standing by. Given the high temperatures and strong sunlight outdoors, in the first half of the noon, we highly recommend you make your kids stay inside with a small trampoline, gymnastics bar, or a fitness trampoline, then move to the backyard to practice hit & pitch until the sun goes down.

For games that you can refer to, look at the roundup You Should Not Miss: Games, Workouts, and Family Activities on Zupapa Trampolines.

Zupapa Small trampoline Zupapa fitness trampoline
Zupapa gymnastics bar Zupapa baseball net combo

Swings are here to Deliver Leisure Time after Dinner

After dinner, instead of going to bed immediately, most of us would schedule some leisure activities. For example, walk the dog (of course, if you have one), go to the supermarket, go to the theater, or watch TV shows, etc. Well, why not refuse a family talk in your backyard? As the temperature usually goes down after dinner, it would be comfortable to sit down on a Zupapa canopy swing enjoying the gentle breeze from nature rather than an air-conditioner, which is also cost-saving and eco-friendly!

A note. Although they belong to the same category, the canopy swings and the tree swings look different from each other and also work for different groups. A canopy swing looks more like a long bench with armrests and top cover and can carry up to 3 people (see details from the weight capacity) while a tree swing is a swaying seat (or a private space with the tent attached) for ONE KID ONLY. Generally, a 600 lbs 3-Seat Canopy Swing would be enough for a nuclear family. If you need more seats for family members, add a 300 lbs one or several tree swings.

A family sitting on a Zupapa canopy swing

What else? – Cool off on Weekends with an Inflatable SUP

What would immediately come into your mind when thinking of summer? No matter what the exact answer would be, I bet it's likely to be related to something that can help cool off, especially when almost all Americans are suffered from the unprecedented heatwave this year.

Swimming is certainly the first choice. However, what’s the alternative for those who do not like swimming but still long for fun to play on the water? Here comes the solution – paddling. Yes. Paddling with an inflatable SUP. You do not need to be sporty and all will be at your pace. Want to feel the speed? Paddle in your full force. Want to have a rest? Put down the paddles, then you can carry on a family talk or a conversation with friends. Photo-snapping or fishing would also be a good way to kill time while the equipment floating on the site.

It’s an easy, outdoorsy, and social-distancing activity to spend weekends with families (or friends), right? So, take a Zupapa inflatable SUP home to explore the water nearby. Right now!

A couple with a black dog on a floating Zupapa inflatable SUP