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The Reason Why You Can Trust Zupapa Fitness Trampolines

A good and reliable fitness trampoline will make your weight-loss project more efficient.
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Exercise and weight loss have been closely linked. Many people especially girls are worrying about their weight and want a perfect body shape. It does get a lot of perseverance and self-discipline whether they choose to exercise or diet. Meanwhile, it is full of myths to keep a nice shape and good health at the same time.

Therefore, choosing the right exercise with high weight-loss efficiency can make our weight-loss have a higher success rate and we can get more pleasure during this process. At this time, a good and reliable fitness trampoline will bring you a surprise. Zupapa is one of the best brands for different types of professional trampolines. And in these types, the mini trampoline will open up a new world for you. Before you start a trampoline experience, here's some information you need to know.

Zupapa fitness trampoline with handlebar - round

Fitness Trampoline - Far More than Just Entertainment

When people think of trampolines, they naturally think of children jumping around in an amusement park. Hold on. You are not required to lose weight by grabbing toys with children.

The magical weight-loss facilities mentioned here refers to the Zupapa fitness trampolines, also called the mini trampolines or adult trampolines. It can achieve effective weight loss and is very helpful to health.

Effective Weight Loss

Depending on scientific evidence, ten minutes of jumping exercise are equivalent to one hour of running, 30 minutes of cycling, or 20 minutes of swimming. Exercising on a trampoline can promote metabolism and improve fat oxidation so that you can maintain a perfect body shape, and even help prevent obesity. More importantly, the mini trampolines are space-friendly and easy to store and can be placed in a tiny corner when not in use.

Great for Health

In addition, fitness trampolines are also good for excellent health. According to research and investigations, exercising on a trampoline can burn a lot of calories, and promote the circulation of blood, lymph, and various body fluids throughout the body so that to prevent and reduce diseases such as kidney stones.

It can enhance heart and lung function, balance blood pressure, and improve sleep quality. And trampoline’s role as interesting aerobic exercise equipment can not be ignored in improving the body's immunity and preventing cancer.

Zupapa fitness trampoline - hexagon

Choose Trustworthy Fitness Trampoline - Zupapa Fitness Trampoline

Choosing a good exercise can achieve more efficient fitness, and a good product can make the effects more lasting. Another reason for choosing Zupapa is its exceptional product performance.Its advantages are mainly reflected in three aspects – quality, design, and price.

Reliable Quality

When choosing a fitness trampoline, quality is our first consideration. A high-quality trampoline can not only achieve durability of the products but also ensure users’ safety during the exercise process.

First, the use of alloys and stainless steel provided the fitness trampoline with a sturdy frame. It is safe and has a load-bearing capacity of about 330 pounds. And it is built to be firm with a high-quality resistant PP mat and durable bungee cords.

Compared with ordinary steel springs, this material is not only more elastic and safer but also provides a virtual quiet experience for the trampoline, which means you don’t have to worry about someone is knocking on the door while exercising at home.

Zupapa also focuses on the details. For example, you can decide whether or not to buy one with a foam-covered handle or not. Of course, a trampoline with a handle will make you more stable during exercise, while a trampoline without a handle will be easier to install and store.

Except for the handle, it has a non-slip performance as well. The feet of the trampoline covered by non-slip latex material can guarantee safety to the greatest tent during exercise.

Zupapa fitness trampoline-parts details

Unique Design

The Zupapa fitness trampolines have many unique designs. You can choose different types of adult trampolines with different shapes and sizes depending on the size and layout of your house.

Regarding the shape, there are hexagonal and round ones. The lines of a round trampoline are round, which can avoid accidental bumps. If you have children at home, a round trampoline is recommended. But some people prefer the more layered lines of the hexagonal trampoline and its location-friendliness.

As for the size, here are 40 inches Fitness Trampoline and 45 inches Fitness Trampoline. When determining the size of the trampoline, the room space must be considered. If the room space is large or even has a dedicated gym, you can choose a larger trampoline. Of course, you also need to consider your weight. If you are overweight, a smaller trampoline will be more suitable and safer.

Attractive Prices

More importantly, the price of the Zupapa mini fitness trampoline is affordable for most people. You can buy a nice mini trampoline for as little as $69.9. If you have just started to try a trampoline and have a limited budget this type is a good one for you.

"Trampoline +" Exercise Mode

Except for simple jumping on the trampolines, Zupapa can create endless possibilities for your sporting journey.

You have many other options, such as the combination of the Zupapa Rebounder trampolines with aerobics or even yoga, which can make exercise more fun and enhance your physical coordination as well. The trampoline can be used with rope skipping, basketball, and knee pull. Appropriate jogging after trampoline exercise is also a good combination of aerobic exercise.

What's more interesting is the case that in winter, the ski season, you can use the trampoline to practice a series of skiing movements and the balance ability required for skiing. After a period of trampoline training, when others keep falling on the ski resort, you are already the king (or queen) of the ice world!

Doing Yoga on Zupapa fitness trampoline - round


Exercising on Zupapa fitness trampoline - hexagon

Correct Use Can Achieve the Best Experience

No matter what the exercise is, using the trampolines more correctly will make the weight-loss effect more significant and will not harm your health as well. When you start to exercise on the trampoline, the amount of exercise must not be too heavy, and the range of exercise needs to be gradually increased. In addition, excessive exercise should be avoided after meals. Otherwise, it is easy to cause stomach diseases.


In short, trampolines are worth trying. As fitness equipment that is both entertaining and sporty, the trampoline can also be well combined with other sport, thus bringing an unexpected new experience for users. Finally, selecting the right trampoline can give you complete peace of mind from product performance to after-sales service. In addition to being trustworthy in terms of product quality and design, the customers' service team of the Zupapa fitness trampolines will also provide you with good after-sales service. There are efficient response and problem-solving mechanisms in the store. All questions about the use and installation will be answered patiently. If you need any suggestions, just be free to reach us.

Act and pick your favorite fitness trampoline!