What Size Paddle Board Should I Get

What Size Paddle Board Should I Get? - 2022 Latest Guide

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Size does matter! The size of a paddle board is one of the most significant factors in guaranteeing you a perfect wave experience.

When you're deciding on your best paddle board size, you'll not only want the correct length, but also width fits your preferences best. The thickness seldom takes a big role, because there is little difference between brands.

When choosing a paddle board online or offline, you will find that each brand has tons of boards of different length and width to offer. Then, what's the best size paddle board right for you? This 2022 latest guide will give you the best answer. 

Who Will Use the Paddle Board You Bought? 

Before picking the best paddle board size, you are suggested to consider who is going to use the paddle board first, only you, or maybe sometimes your kid(s), dog(s) and even the entire family? The best paddle board size for you varies according to people of different wight/height and also different group size. 

What Will You Do on the Paddle Board? 

There are tons of fun things to do on a paddle board, including surfing, fishing, yoga practicing, etc. What will you mostly do on the paddle board? Keep the major activities that attract you most in mind and keep reading.   

The Most Popular Paddle Board Sizes

Normally, the most popular paddle boards are of 10-11 feet long and 30-32 inches wide. The wider and longer the board, the more stable the platform. According to the opinions of a wide group of paddlers, a board within the above metrics enjoy the best balance in normal uses. 

Zupapa Paddle Board Size

Most of our Zupapa paddle boards are of 10-11 feet long and 30-32 inches wide

The Best Paddle Board Size for You

If you don't know what exactly to do with the paddle board yet.

Best paddle board size: 10-11 feet long and 30-32 inches wide

For those who are going to buy a paddle board, but have no clear idea about what exactly to do with it yet, choose a paddle board in the most popular sizes (10-11 feet long and 30-32 inches wide). Such paddle boards can almost go anywhere and enjoy good stability while trying almost any activity, including casual picnic and also surfing, fishing, etc. Do not be allured by shorter paddle boards, which may seem easier to carry and transport but harder to navigate on water. Shooter length paddleboards are more commonly used for racing. Besides, there is usually no need to select a much longer or wider one. The wider the board often means the harder to paddle and make turns. 

If You are a Beginner. 

Best paddle board size for beginners: 9'0 – 10'6 (Children), 10 – 11 (adult)

Paddleboarding are going to be more and more popular in recent years. And a large group of beginners comes to the stage. For children beginners, 9'0 – 10'6 feet in length inflatable paddle board are the hottest chosen, while for adult 10 – 11 feet. 

Warm tip: 1) Do not pack too many items on your paddle board if you are a beginner. You are more likely to fall in the water. The heavier the bag, the more you may struggle to turn the board back over the right way up. It may not be a good idea to get exhausted before you really love this sport. 2) An inflatable paddle board is more recommended for you, because the softer surface gives you lower possibilities to get hurt at every up and down. 

If you are a yoga enthusiast.

Best paddle board size for yoga: 10' – 12'6 in length, 32'' - 34'' in width

Yoga player needs more space and ask high on stability to do practice on the paddle board, and thus need a relative larger and wider paddle board. A paddle board of 10 - 12'6 feet in length and 32'' - 34'' inches in width enjoys the best popularity. 

Warm tip: In addition to the size, yoga players are also suggested to take the material of the deck into account. A softer surface, which enjoys the best familiar with your yoga mat, of course, allows a better yoga fun on the water. 

If You Want a paddle board adventure. 

Best paddle board size for adventure: 12 feet and 32 inches, and above 

Serious paddling adventure lovers? You may prefer a paddle board in larger sizes than the average, because you require more space to pack your baggage, cooler, food, and so forth. No matter you are going to try overnight SUP camping trips or long-distance excursions, a relatively large paddle board, such as a 12'x32" SUP paddle board, can well carry all of your essentials while no lack of stability and speed. A paddle board with a capacity of over 350 LBS is a must. 

If You Want to Paddleboarding with Your Dog.

Best paddle board size for you and your dog: 10 - 12'6

Your dog needs a separate space for his or her winding enjoyment. However, most of the paddle boards in the market, including the kid ones, offer such a space for them. Therefore, there is no extra need to take your dog into account when choosing the best paddle board size. The most commonly chosen ones are the bests!  However, you are suggested to buy a relative larger one, because you may also want to pack a bag and a cooler on the board. Paddle boards of 10 - 12'6 feet in length are all good choices. 

Warm tips

1) Before heading to the beach, you are highly proposed to give your dog up-close chances for approaching the paddle board at home. Let he or she touching it, getting on and off it, and see how he/she does. Some dogs may be freaked out by the sound their nails made on the paddle board. A practice in advance will help your dog act better on water. 

2) If your dog has sharp nails, a hard paddle board or an inflatable paddle board with EVA Padded Deck may be better. Your energetic dog may frequently jump off and on the board to enjoy water fun, and a better protected deck can avoid air leaks. 

If You Prefer more Possibilities for Family Outing

Best paddle board size for family outing: 12 feet & 32 inches and above, or two separate paddle boards

A picnic on a paddle board gives not only a feel to get close to mother nature, but also an unbeatable meal flavor on a floating table. Sometimes, your family may also want such a unique experience, which means your paddle board should be large enough to carry them all. Therefore, a large board is recommended, like 12 feet & 32 inches and above. Or, you are suggested to buy two separate paddle boards.  If there are only two of you on board each time, a paddle board of 10-11 feet long and 20-32 inches wide is also good. 

Hope this paddle board size guide helps! If you still feel confused to choose the best paddle board size, please feel free to contact our experienced experts. We welcome paddle board lovers and always ready to help.